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Jaye Summers

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More Jaye please.
2019-10-07 10:24
DOH! Nuts
More Jaye Summers please.
2019-03-01 16:46
Uncle Teddy
I can’t imagine why Jaye is yet to make her debut on Girlsway. Please give her an opportunity - she has previously reached required total votes in model request thread. Let’s cast talent when they are in demand or what is point in voting?
2019-03-01 16:26
DOH! Nuts
Alleluia to that!
2019-03-01 16:45
I think you have to let Jaye make that decision
I am a straight man who is all for freedom of orientation but it shouldnt be forced on someone
BG is as important as GG
2019-09-28 04:44
Jaye Summers is magical...we need to see her in more girl/girl scenes! Love her look and enthusiasm!
2019-01-05 10:35
Having Jaye Summers on Fantasy Massage is always a pleasure.
2017-10-12 09:56
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