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  • Updated : 09-05-2022 |
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A Birthday To Remember on 09-05-2022


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FINALLY! A Gorgeous beauty WITHOUT any ink! But of course it was probably her only video, sigh. Hope she can come back, PLEASE Maria? db
2022-11-11 10:07
DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
Good scene. Love the new girl Maria. Very pretty and a gorgeous pussy. Seems to be able to act. Hope she's not another one and done for AT. Always enjoyed Nicole's scenes. However, having said that, I do wish that these ladies chosen for massage scene wouldn't wear excessive long pointy nails. It's impossible to do a real massage with them. Or for that matter, it's impossible for any internal sex with them.
My only other comment is just general for massage scenes. I wish the talent or director would get rid of the line, "I don't want to get oil on them". First it's way over used. Second, how can you avoid getting oil on them after they've been massaging for 10 or so minutes and their hands are soaked in oil? I defy you from not touching the clothes without using those hands thereby soiling them. At least on the top for damn sure. Especially for the girls who wear a bra.
2022-09-13 05:19
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