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I love this natural beauty.
2021-07-10 09:06
Sarah is one of the most deliciously beautiful actress!!
2020-07-11 13:17
Sarah has been around for a few years but her beauty simply does not change. She is also a charming and entertaining performer who often approaches adult performing in a comedic way. I really like her style and hope she will continue performing for a long time.
2020-04-17 16:55
Uncle Teddy
I have grown tired of Sarah’s clowning about. She seems to try to turn her scenes into a farce with her slap stick comedy.
Initially when I watched her scenes I would be in hysterics but I quickly realised that this distracted me from the sex as I giggled uncontrollably. Now I can’t watch her antics as her ‘routine’ has become repetitively lame - to such an extent that my cock immediately goes flaccid. So when I see Sarah now, I have gone from jerking off to switching off.
2020-03-14 07:13
to each his own....
2020-07-11 13:15
very beautiful
2019-03-03 20:01
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