A Mother's Gift

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Video Description: Belle Knox's mom Ariella Ferrara is eager to have some girl on girl time, so she guides Belle away from her studies and points her in the right direction. Ariella has scheduled a wonderful massage for her daughter to try and get her to turn down that cranky attitude she's had ever since her school finals have been on the radar. Ariella fakes a math club meeting, and drags her daughter to the best spa in town! Vanessa Veracruz from Sapphic Bliss is an expert masseuse. Ariella explains her plan to Vanessa about getting Belle's head out of the books, and soon the massage is underway. The oblivious Belle is quick to let loose under Vanessa's expert fingers, and lets Vanessa remove her underwear to get closer to the problem areas. Ariella and Vanessa's little secret is coming to a head, and before too long, Vanessa has made Belle so comfortable that her ensuing pussy massage is entirely what she is asking for. Not long after, Ariella is fed up with waiting Watch her join in, teaching Vanessa how to touch her daughter and teaching Belle how to please her stunning masseuse!

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A mother's gift is always it.
2022-08-14 02:11
Am I the only one who notice the self-cutting scars that were all over Belle's right thigh?
2021-06-29 20:21
I think those are stretch marks. Look around 8:20. She's got them all over her hips, ass and even inside her left thigh. They're irregular like a web, not straight and organized like cutting. Sadly, Reddit has developed my eye for spotting self-harm on girls. Even thin girls get stretch marks if hey have a fast growth spurt.
2021-08-15 01:14
Horrible boob jobs = scene killer
2020-06-13 00:11
Kenneth M
Great scene.
2018-09-16 07:56
These type scenes are why I joined Fantasy Massage... AGM ... AGM ... AGM Please...
2016-09-06 07:30