A Woman's Physique

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Video Description: Silvia Saige is new to the world of massage therapy. After a divorce, she embraced a career change, which led to her being a masseuse! Although she seems to be doing perfectly fine with her male clients, she's worried that her female clients aren't as satisfied. To figure out what she's doing wrong, she goes to her coworker, Alix Lynx.

When Alix learns about Silvia's issues, she kindly smiles. It seems as though Silvia's just not experienced enough with the female body and what techniques work better for their female clients. Since she has some time before her next client, she's happy to give Silvia a crash course by demonstrating certain techniques on her!

Silvia, eager to improve, easily agrees and removes her top, making herself comfortable on the massage table. Alix quickly gets to work, putting her hands to good use as she massages Silvia. As she gets in deep, she coos about the differences between men and women, and Silvia is absolutely in heaven! She can barely contain herself as Alix glides a hand over her pussy...

Alix pushes just a little further, commenting that some female clients like things to get a little... hot... during their massage as well! Although Silvia's surprised to learn that she's allowed to give happy endings at the parlor, she's not deterred. Caught up in the moment and eager to learn more, she readily accepts a sensual kiss that turns into something so much more.

Silvia is stunned as Alix eats out her pussy, although Silvia's quick to return the favor. As they grind their bodies together, fanning the heat between them more, Silvia's blown away. Now she knows for sure how to earn glowing reviews from her future clients!

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I love this scene. Alix and Silvia were thirsty. And Silvia playing the repressed wife added to the whole ambience.
2022-09-17 23:38
There never seems to be any close up shots of the vaginas during the straight oral during the beginning of the sex. It is only done during the 69 and rimming. Why is that? I like to see direct shots of tongues on the pussies, not just POV shot over the stomachs, not enough is visible.
2021-09-16 16:37
Silvia Saige is in my opinion the hottest girl around....id love to maybe see her do a few step mom vids too.....thank you
2021-02-11 08:19
Mister Big
Wow I really liked this. Very hot video. Alix was stunning.
2020-12-12 10:51
A real HOT video !! I liked both women, especially Alix was GREAT !!
2020-07-11 18:47