Aaliyah's Hawaiian Vacation

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Video Description: Aaliyah Love has been all over Hawaii on her vacation and seen all kinds of wildlife, stunning views and chill people, but all this running around and 'relaxing' has left her sore everywhere! So, when she received a coupon by e-mail for a massage there was no hesitating! She just had to have it! She walks in greeted by the Maui cutie Cindy Starfall who arranges a last minute appointment for her. Aaliyah is left to strip thinking of how cute the masseuse was! Cindy's expert massage techniques are well suited to Aaliyah's tensions and before long Aaliyah is having her ass massaged to relieve its tightness. Aaliyah is a bit taken back when Cindy starts edging closer and closer to her ticklish parts. Cindy is practically drooling thinking of reaching down and licking Aaliyah's perfect pussy. After some oily pussy massage, she does just that, and before long Aaliyah is having her ass licked and fingered. Then she gets a taste of Cindy's cute Asian pussy until she cums.

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The Shocker
My fantasy is to Aloha Aaliyah Love until she explodes like a Hawaiian volcano. I'd call her Mt. Cumoniwannalaya
2022-04-09 09:56
Aaliyah Love is one of my wet dreams! I would give my right arm to spend time with Cindy Starfall! Yes!!! Thank you all for this scene. I acquired a low-res copy of this scene about 5 years ago, probably from a tube site. I watched it at least a dozen times. I am so happy to find it on AT in full HD. Thank you again, I love this video!
2020-11-05 22:48
Tony Soprano
Cindy is one of those girls I really want to spend the night with, always have. Really love seeing her here.
2014-09-01 19:57
Poor results to that so big effort and ambitious production. Sorry. Maybe with other models...
2014-08-19 09:35
michelle & jessica
hallo we wanting ur music to
2014-08-17 21:37