After Hours Massage

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Video Description: Masseuse Carmen Caliente asks her co-worker Penny Pax to demonstrate her famous deep tissue technique. It's after hours at the spa and Penny already has plans, but Carmen insists it will only take a few minutes. Since the spa closed early today, maybe they can use those extra minutes.

The good-natured redhead agrees to help her out. Carmen insists on being naked for the tutorial. She wants the real massage experience. Once she's comfortably lying down on her tummy, Penny starts off the deep tissue massage. When she gets to her well-developed glutes, Penny praises Carmen's big round booty. Carmen credits her squatting exercises.

She turns onto her back and butterflies her legs open. Penny politely suggests straightening them would be better for her alignment, but Carmen wants to stretch her pelvic muscles that might be tight from all that squatting. Penny goes over the proper way to massage deep tissue, using the elbow or the forearm with the full weight of the body to add pressure. Carmen thinks she gets the hang of it and wants to try it out on Penny.

Penny gets naked, once Carmen reminds her how much havoc that oil can wreak on their clothing. Carmen compliments Penny's nice butt and attempts to apply the massage principles she was just taught. Penny praises her for doing a good job. Then Carmen cops a feel of her pussy. Penny thinks she'd better turn over.

Carmen shows Penny a special Feng shui technique that's gaining popularity. The Latina masseuse climbs onto the table and demonstrates how the masseuses in Asia use the pressure of their body weight to massage deep tissue, by rubbing their bodies on the clients. It feels great to Penny, but she doesn't think she could do it to a total stranger. It's too intimate. Carmen thinks kissing is more intimate. She kisses her to prove it.

Penny playfully accuses her of setting her up. She's not mad though, Carmen's skin is too soft to be anything less than pleased. Carmen admits she's been wanting to pleasure her pussy for a while now. She gives her an oral massage and makes her cum.

After juicing her pussy, Carmen asks for oral sex too. Penny lets her twerk on her face till she licks out all her cum. Carmen flips around to eat Penny at the same time, with her pink manicured fingers holding open Penny's meaty lips. Penny cums again with a mouthful of Latina pussy. Then Carmen grinds Penny's pretty little pussy, wishing for a nice big dick to fuck her with. She arches her back and rocks her hips, sexily tribbing Penny till she cums all over her wet pussy!

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Daty Bud 2
Penny's gorgeous full curves and beautiful breasts are a gift.. I wish I had more of her.
2022-11-22 07:33
Very Good…A short film, but it offers lots of action with great pussy licking and sucking and rubbing and eating. Very good camera angels also; especially with Penny on her back and Carmen on her hands and knees with her bubble butt in perfect view as Penny licks her pussy. Every part of Carmen’s body is beautiful and perfect. I especially like this film with Carmen’s long, natural, BROWN hair. It’s exceptionally sexy. My preference is the natural brown versus dyed blond. Penny always brings her gorgeous body to the action. Thoroughly enjoyed watching Carmen play with Penny’s large natural, breasts and erect nipples. Carmen and Penny demonstrate that natural breasts, small, medium, or large, are always preferable to enhanced breasts. The film offers very good conversation and humor between Carmen and Penny. Good performance Carmen and Penny. It’s great to see both ladies proudly show their mouths and faces covered with wet pussy juice. You surely enjoyed each other. The tribbing was a great way to close out this film.
2020-12-03 10:39
Penny one of the HOTEST Ladies in Ladies... and a Ginger to boot...
2017-08-04 17:15
damn Carmen has definitely gotten hotter as a brunette than when she was a blonde in my opinion. Her tan skin looked amazing against Penny's pale tone
2017-06-30 05:00
What is with the blue band across the screen at time 09.06 that says
"Click Analyze to begin. {{*COMMENT*}}Analyze must match param button, STR#0010" ??
2017-06-27 23:29