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Video Description: Getting ready for class, Tasha Reign admires her beautiful slim figure in the mirror, looking for something to wear. Tasha is ready to go and she says bye to her new pledge sister Carmen Caliente. Carmen takes this opportunity to go into Tasha's room to try on her clothes. She puts on a pair of jeans way too small for her, but in the meantime, Tasha realizes she forgot her license and goes back upstairs where she catches Carmen trying on her clothes. Tasha cannot believe Carmen is in her room trying on stuff that doesn't belong to her no less fits! Carmen pleads with Tasha admitting she only wanted to be like her and win her vote to become one of the sisters in the house and no longer a pledge. Carmen says she will do anything it takes to be accepted in the house.Tasha agrees to not say anything to anyone unless she does exactly what Tasha asks of her and if she doesn't then it's back to the dog house for Carmen! Want to know what Tasha has up her sleeve? Watch and find out!

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Very good scene, no more comments.
2015-05-27 11:02
Good video
2015-05-25 22:11
those two could pass in a nice sister scene! except needs ass licking and seduction..
2015-05-25 16:30
ready (user_21767480)
finally scene MEMBER FANTASY thank you :-)
2015-05-25 08:37
Attention, please make more scenes just like this. Thank you : ) Carmen Caliente's ass covered in oil was breathtaking.
2015-05-25 00:38