Asian Pool Party

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Video Description: Cindy and Angelina have been on the rocks lately. Alina and Marika have been grieving the loss of their two best friends. The four of them have been like PB and J on white bread ever since they met each other, and with the recent fussing, they haven't all four seen one another in ages. Alina and Marika decide on a plan to get Cindy and Angelina together, and sit back to see the sparks fly. Marika and Cindy do each other's nails, and Alina offers Angelina a massage Marika brings Cindy to join in the massage, leaving them to set up a more appropriate massage area. Cindy and Angelina are awkward with one another, but Mariko and Alina's expert massage techniques woo them into taking off their tops to reveal their beautiful natural breasts! Soon all four are naked, and we see them rubbed down. The ensuing Ass Massages leave nothing to be desired, and the relaxing foursome soon become soothed to the point where their cares melt away. Their slow sensual buildup leads to some impressive views of the four oily babes pleasing one another in ways you never expected! By the end, Angelina and Cindy are better friends than Alina and Marika could have expected.

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You act like there is a law against capturing an entire model in the frame.
2021-02-15 02:19
Massage videos are a waste because nothing happens for the first half of them.
2020-10-11 14:40
This is perfect for me. We have an outdoor setting, poolside sex, the wonderful evening light, and four glorious Asian girls, all beautiful, and each one a little different in her face and body from the others. I especially love Alina and Cindy's connection, and the way the pair of them go from smiles and giggles to fingerbanging in the blink of an eye is so hot.

I miss Alina. It's impossible to forget how beautiful she was (and is), but I had forgotten just what a wonderful performer she was, and how much her personality fills a scene the moment she turns it on.

Wish there were more All-Asian girl-girl scenes like this. The beauty and energy on show here are superb, and the scene rates an easy 10/10 on every metric.
2020-04-30 19:44
Dear Cindy is a great actress. It would be lovely to see her in more lesbian videos. Such as "Asian Pool Party". This video is a very special and honey-like production. All of these Girls behave sweeter then pure sugar. Most of them Cindy!!!
2016-04-14 14:57
so many asian babes, my cock is dripping
2016-02-24 09:36