BFF Share a Massage

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Video Description: Adria Rae is devastated that her boyfriend cheated on her. She hasn't been alone in so long and she cannot stop crying. Her best girlfriend Scarlett Sage is there to lend her support. When she advises Adria to do something good for herself like get a massage, Adria remembers she had booked a couple's massage. Scarlett offers to accompany her and stand in for her boyfriend.

When the girls arrive at the spa, they are greeted by sultry masseuse Lana Rhoades. Scarlett takes a seat on the sofa, and Adria gets undressed but leaves on her bra and panties because Scarlett has never seen her naked. The masseuse applies oil and soothes her sore muscles with her tender touch. After rubbing down her back, shoulders, arms and butt, she turns her over. Adria feel relaxed enough to take off her underwear. Lana oils the front of Adria's body then brings over Adria's friend to help. At first, Scarlett feels uncomfortable massaging Adria, but Lana shows her how and where to touch. Lana rubs her breasts while Scarlett rubs her clit. Adria's moaning grows louder.

Lana guides Scarlett's fingers in and out of Adria's pussy. Scarlett is amazed that she just made her cum. Then Lana and Adria team up on Scarlett. Her pussy is already wet from what she just did to Lana. Their four hands oil her up and spread her legs apart. Adria licks her clit while Lana sits over her mouth. Scarlet cums in Adria's mouth, then the besties take turns tribbing Lana's sexy body and eating each other out!

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Possibly one of the greatest lesbian trios EVER!!!!!!
2022-07-21 14:22
The scene was pretty good, well worth the watch but the audio\sound is terrible. The levels are all over the place with lows that are inaudible to peaks that are ear shattering. For some reason I'm finding this sound problem is common across an awful lot of AdultTime content.
2022-04-10 12:40
Vaya puta mierda aburrida se frotan un poco y basta esto és mierda super vista.
2022-01-06 04:08
The audio is horrible
2021-02-06 12:00
Lana O' Lana.....there was never a scene that was sub par with her, and this is exemplary as well!! She knows what to do all the time, and takes the command beautifully....not that Scarlett and Adria need any coxing! Awesome stuff!
2021-01-27 12:41