Back in the High Life

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Video Description: Law student Brett Rossi uses a manual massager on her pussy while she waits for her masseuse Anna De Ville. When Anna catches her masturbating, she complains that she's very stressed and needs to rub one out. Turns out the masseuse is Brett's classmate from law school. Anna reports that she had to drop out of school. Brett dismisses her news and tells her to unzip her red hot tight skirt. She climbs up on the table and sticks her ass in the air. Anna unzips it from the bottom up. The skirt splits open, displaying her naked vagina.

Brett takes off the rest of her clothes and asks for a happy ending. But Anna insists she doesn't do that. Brett is amazed at how humble Anna is being about the spa's special services. She comes here all the time and it's no secret. She doesn't want Anna to hold anything back. She keeps nagging her to touch her pussy, so Anna offers to get another massage therapist. Brett insists that Anna stays and gives her a full body massage. She takes off Anna's shirt and complains that Anna's still wearing pants. Anna just wants her client to calm down and stop talking, so she takes off her pants. Brett thinks she's so funny.

In between her condescending comments, she asks Anna for a boob massage. Anna complies and soothes her with an oily boob massage. But what Brett really wants is Anna's body against hers. Anna figures she can do that. She sits her naked pussy on Brett's lap and keeps rubbing her boobs. Brett admits she always had a crush on Anna. Brett creeps up on Anna and licks her pussy till she cums. Anna reciprocates on Brett's pussy. Then Brett tribs her until she releases another orgasm. They eat each other's assholes with several fingers in their pussy holes. Then Brett rides Anna's tongue!

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No bigger turnoff than a loudmouth talkative chick. 0/10.
2017-09-13 19:37
Don't blame the chick. Both of these have turned in great scenes elsewhere. Look to the production style.
2019-04-18 13:51
I didn't think someone's voice could completely turn me *off*, but I've now learned that's possible.
2017-09-12 21:06
Why is Brett Rossi talking all the time? Is it necessary for the scene that she keeps talking and talking with no stop? I really like this actress but it is not exciting in this ocasion.
2017-09-12 07:49
This is just one character Brett plays. She has another Upcoming AGM scene in a couple of weeks, I'm sure she will play a different, more moderate character then. Won't she....?
2017-09-12 17:43
Anna rules.
2017-09-11 01:38
This looks sounds extraordinarily sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2017-09-06 09:00