British Invasion

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Video Description: Sophia Knight is in L.A. to try her hand at School in America. She's excited to get to know Chloe's friends and have all kinds of fun in her new country. Chloe Sky is excited that Sophia is so eager to meet her friends, and show her a bit about what it's like in England! Chloe asks about the massage oil that Sophia takes out of her bag, and Sophia explains that back home in England she has massage parties with her friends. The idea is new to Chloe, so when Sophia offers to give her a tester Chloe is game. By the time Sophia gets to Chloe's tender pussy, Chloe is relaxed. Sophia is excited to help Chloe push past some boundaries, and we get to see the nervous teen Chloe gets her tight pussy massaged, fingered and licked by her new house sister, and even gets a taste for herself!

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The Shocker
I want to see a video of Sophia Knight and "her friends"!
2022-01-26 13:07
I love the way Sophia licks pussy. The way she flicks her tongue really fast, love that.
2020-10-11 02:47
great girl on girl action
2016-07-26 17:34
great to see a young girl corrupted by the exchange student , looking forward to her meeting Chloe's friends and sharing her massage skills. Well done girls
2014-11-05 07:20
Liked this one a lot. Chloe's initial shyness and scepticism is quite moving. Good luck in your future movies chloe. Look forward to seeing you again!
2014-07-13 18:55