Cassie's first time !

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Video Description: This is Cassie's first ever visit to the Gamma Spa and she's a little shy about the experience at first but in the talented hands of Brittney her inhibitions melt away with the first few soft strokes of her beautiful petite body. Brittney isn't exactly immune to Cassie's superb natural forms either and can't help herself from exploring it's sexy nooks and crannies and eventually just giving in to the temptation for a little taste. Just like the best stories, this one has an Happy Ending!

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Britney gives Cassie, well, if not a full proper massage at least a lot closer to one than normal in the AGM series. And it looked all the better for it. Massaging Cassie's gorgeous ass was lovely to watch, as Britney's hands did all but touch Cassie's pussy. Turning over, the massage of Cassie's lovely tits enabled us to watch her nipples grow. By the time Britney got to Cassie's pussy, I think we were all ready. Britney carried on her deep massage technique - my, there was some good fingering there. The second half of this was more standard fare, but it did let us see Cassie colour up with the effort, excitement and coming. I will now go on to watch the rest of Cassie's films - an absolutely beautiful woman!
2022-07-13 15:33
DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
Classic Raylene, absolutely gorgeous and a great natural actress.Casie is a singular beauty. Outstanding
2021-07-08 23:21
ugh made me cum so hard, thanks!!
2016-10-14 11:16
Both beautiful girls BUT CASSIE LAINE is an absolute knockout. If anyway possible to put together a video with Shyla Jennings and Cassie you will be giving your members a real treat,I have seen the two work together before and they are electric. Hope you get the two together soon.
2015-07-19 12:23
I like the way the Masseuse gently and understandingly reacts to the shy Girl. I ENJOYED IT!
2014-07-06 18:38