Chinese Medicinal Tummy Rub

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Video Description: Client Jaye Summers books a Chinese medicinal stomach massage with Vietnamese masseuse Cindy Starfall. The petite masseuse insists that Jaye undress completely, but Jaye thinks it's unnecessary to be naked for a tummy rub. She's here to relieve her cramps. But Cindy repeatedly tells her to relax, and although she sounds convincing, Jaye isn't sure Cindy understands what she's saying. Cindy focuses squarely on her butt and won't let up. Jaye wants to turn over for the tummy rub. Cindy lets her roll onto her back and tells her to close her eyes.

She starts by massaging her breasts but Jaye redirects her to the abdomen. Cindy rubs the lower portion of her tummy very close to her crotch. Jaye complains that Cindy is touching her private area. The masseuse doesn't speak much English. She shrugs her shoulders and keeps at it. Whatever she's doing, it feels amazing to Jaye. She looks down and is shocked to see Cindy licking her pussy. Cindy tells her to relax and gets back to her cunnilingus.

She spreads Jaye's legs and gives her clit some oral attention. Jaye sucks on her little hard nipples at the same time. Then Cindy takes off her red dress, climbs onto the table and makes Jaye cum in her mouth. She takes off her panties, flashes her pussy and demonstrates the scissorfuck technique. She swivels around to 69 her client making Jaye cum again with a mouthful of Cindy's shaved pussy!

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Cyndi ended up being more erotic for me, Jayne as hot and magnificent as her body is sucked ass at licking pussy, so bad, and dude, she came off so fake I had to look at Cindy to remain engaged. Angela White should teach her how to do it properly.
2019-06-18 19:59
This was soooo very much better than the trailer showed... FINE scene ladies!!
2017-08-19 09:26
a good sedduction/reluctance, i love it
2017-08-01 05:12
Jaye is so sexy and I don't blame Cindy for being enamored with her body bc I would be too if I was in her position. I would be ok if we had a Jaye scene on here every week bc in just the couple of scenes I've seen her in on here, she has quickly become a favorite bc of how hot her body is and how great her scenes are. Cindy also looked really sexy and I'm pretty sure this is the first scene I've seen of hers. Wouldn't mind seeing her on here again as well.
2017-08-01 01:20
Jaye is awesome, But too busy looking at camera and too fake...and was that rimming??? where??? Toe sucking could have been added...
2017-07-31 19:52