Closet Case

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Video Description: Jade Kush arrives for her massage and is stunned when she sees Serena Blair behind the counter. Oh, boy, Jade can't WAIT to get massaged by this hot babe! It's like all of Jade's dreams are coming true at once as Serena smiles and starts approaching her, looking like the front page of a steamy magazine...

But it all comes to a screeching halt as Serena pleasantly introduces Jade to a masseur instead. It's nearly impossible for Jade to hide her disappointment as Serena excuses herself to continue work elsewhere, leaving Jade with her masseur. Jade reluctantly shuffles after her masseur into the private room, but gets an idea...

Once the masseur steps into a closet to collect some supplies, Jade sneakily traps him in. She then hurries off and finds Serena again, claiming that her masseur was called away for an emergency. Serena's surprised by the change of events but offers to massage Jade instead, which sends Jade over the moon with delight. She wastes no time stripping down and flopping onto the table, surprising Serena with how eager she is!

Although Serena tries to keep the massage professional, Jade does everything she can to tempt Serena to be bad. When Serena starts to get flustered, Jade pounces!

A passionate kiss on the lips soon leads to kisses on each other's breasts. Jade's every wish finally comes true as they rub their pussies together while also making sure to get a taste, too! As things get hot and heavy between them, Jade forgets all about the masseur still stuck in the closet...

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Has anyone let that poor bloke out yet? It's been just over 2 years since Jade locked him in...
2022-04-11 00:29
"My God how boring!!"

Yes! You and your comments certainly are!!
2022-02-22 03:19
My God how boring!!
2022-02-09 14:20
Wonderful scene. Two outstandingly beautiful women having sensual sex and being filmed very well. For me, this scene is mostly about Serenas sheer beauty. Not only she has a sweet face and stunning eyes, but she also has a very beautiful, symmetric and all natural body. Shes 32 years old.but many younger women cant compare to her pjysique. As I love her voice as well, please, Bree book her for ASMR pehaps together with Cadence Lux!
2020-03-12 16:41
Jay loves porn
This was a fun scene. Jade is incredibly hot and Serena is a truly amazing performer. Jade pushing Serena into more intimate locations was intriguing. I liked it.
2020-03-11 06:33