Coconut Oil Treatment

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Video Description: Eager beaver Tiffany Watson walks into the All Girl Massage ready with her coconut oil to be pampered by masseuse Megan Sage. Tiffany lays on the massage table, completely naked, adamant that Megan apply a substantial amount of oil for a smooth and relaxing rub down, that should include her pussy and ass cheeks. Megan doesn't want to lose her job so she complies with her clients every need, but she doesn't know it also means lesbian fornication. Tiffany guides Megan's hand and begins showing her how to stroke her pussy vigorously. Megan isn't completely convinced on how to proceed with Tiffany's level of lesbian determination so Tiffany takes charge by removing Megan's clothes and gets her into the groove of massaging her naked body sensually while experiencing having a woman eating out her pussy for the very first time! Tiffany sits on top of her and begs them to trib lustfully and orgasm simultaneously in lesbian euphoria!

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Very hot!!!
2016-07-04 11:34
Both of these ladies are really hot but the scene could've been better. Megan has a really hot body but it just seemed like she wasn't into the scene at all unlike Tiffany.
2016-06-30 12:12
Omg that is the hottest face sit and orgasm I have ever seen!
2016-06-18 05:36
I love oil and AGM!! Enjoyed this scene ... room for more!!!
2016-06-07 08:37
oil great....foot fetish non existent...bad shots of ass and pussy...almost seductive, but too aggressive...need ass licking with oil...
2016-06-06 21:59