Dovefucking Discovery

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Video Description: Masseuse Angela White greets her next client Jade Baker. Jade is nervous, since she doesn't usually like to try new things, but she's always been curious about the NURU package the spa offers so she got one for the first time in an effort to get out of her comfort zone. They both disrobe. Jade lies on her front. Angela pours NURU gel on her back and begins to body slide on her.

Jade flips onto her back and Angela body slides on her front. As Angela slides near Jade's groin, she accidentally rubs her breast on Jade's pussy. Jade has an immediate and strong reaction, shuddering with pleasure. 'Wow...was THAT part of a normal NURU massage?' Jade asks. Angela looks equally surprised by the reaction, telling her that this is not part of the normal NURU massage. It was purely accidental and she's never done that before, but it's interesting that Jade liked it so much!

Angela is excited and seems to have an idea, telling Jade that since she enjoyed it so much, she would like to incorporate that into her massage repertoire. Can she practice it some more on Jade to get the hang of it? Jade, still a little nervous, but eager to experience that sensation again, agrees.

Angela and Jade are about to discover the endless pleasures of dovefucking...

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More like this please!! So fucking sexy!!
2021-12-18 00:55
Angela with sexy young woman is just a win for those of us who love mature young lesbian sex. Angela just does it right
2021-11-25 23:24
2021-03-12 14:57
Any scene with Angela White in it is hot and amazing. She is a true seductress. As for Jade I must say, good job. Another new one to add to my favorites list. Gotta love these Nauru massage videos. They are outstanding
2020-06-29 23:41
Loved it... remember when my friends daughter Maddy (delicious) wanted to prac massage on me her mum's 40yr old married woman... previous my hubby n I had fantasized bout me playin with women n I'm very very bi... esp petite younger girls (hubby didn't know exact how much) so I prepared ..shaved sore crotchless panties coz she so flirts with me n I masturbatd mills times maybe thinking bout her hehe her mum left n got changed n she changed too to my amusement n unfortunate panties got wet .. she wore a thong n bra n smiled my draws dropped...get named aunt Becky ...she I bit my lip .,she saw that ok it's only us and I'm going to be named too it's burn hehe... hope you r on with it while her finger played round her white thing...Mumm I replied with a grin n shake.. Ur trouble I said... hehe you want it she said lol...n no didnt fuck but she did finger me n ‼️
2020-06-19 08:43
Hank Moody
What a crock of shit
2022-02-15 15:51