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Video Description: Jenna Sativa is ready to start the workday but is concerned because her crush and receptionist, Gia Derza, is running late, which isn't like her. Then Gia finally limps into the parlor, holding her achy butt, after having slipped down some steps and hurt herself. Yet, when Gia desperately tries to get Jenna to give her a free massage, Jenna hesitates. As much as she WANTS to help, it's against company policy since Gia already had her complimentary massage that month...

'But I CAN give you MY complimentary massage, as long as we do things a little differently,' Jenna adds with a hint of mischievousness. Gia is just so happy to get a massage that she agrees right away. It doesn't matter to her what kind of massage it is as long as it feels good!

Once Gia strips down, Jenna breaks out a bolster so that she can really get into Gia's glutes. Gia melts into her crush's strong touch, not wanting to admit that she's quickly becoming aroused. Things only get hotter when Jenna reveals that she wants to give Gia a NURU massage. Although Gia's surprised, since she thought the bolster was what made this massage different, she eagerly hobbles to the mattress.

As their naked, wet bodies slide together, both girls get so turned on that they can't hold back their feelings anymore. They give into their lust for each other as Jenna starts things off by plunging her tongue and fingers deep inside Gia's pussy. It doesn't take long before they're tribbing and riding each other's tongues until they're completely spent. Complimentary or not, Gia's welcome to get massages from Jenna whenever she wants!

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Epic kissing!!!
2022-09-24 06:21
Two of the best looking girls ever get crazy! Oh we love it!
2022-09-24 06:20
Holy cow thats hot, two superstars
2021-09-17 18:18
Outstanding. Jenna and Gia are gorgeous and unstoppable in this erotic, sensual, All Girl Massage film. Jenna and Gia are putting on weight, but they are still very attractive with their dynamite bodies and their exciting love of lesbian sexuality they bring to this film. Jenna has a set of exceptionally attractive, natural, medium size breasts and beautiful nipples. Gia also has cute breasts and nipples. Both have meaty, sexy thighs and asses. Most importantly, Jenna and Gia have gorgeous, edible, wet pussies with cute edible butt holes. These two professionals are on fire for each other and for rapid-fire orgasms. They use all their body to bring pleasure to each other and themselves. Congrats Jenna and Gia and the entire Girlsway team for this outstanding effort.
2020-12-18 12:26
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
GD I didn't think Jenna had it in her to get any hotter, but damn if she didn't! That hairy pussy, she's let her hair grow longer(on her head), her body is still rocking and that ass is hotter than ever before. And of course her energy is off the charts as usual. Her acting is superior and those orgasms drive me insane! Now pair that up with the equally hot, energetic and Fabulous Gia and all hell's about to be released! Her body is so fit, toned and outstanding you know she spends hours in the gym perfecting it. Those eyes, her orgasms and her girlish giggles get met so hot and aroused. I love(if you couldn't tell by now) this pair! Gia has miles to go to continue to please, and Jenna just seems to always be at her peak. More of these two together please! SOON! The scene was well choreographed and shot with great close ups of their pussies cumming and I truly believe that if required, Jenna could pass the exam to be a licensed massues if she isn't already. Her skills at massage look so real and pleasing.
2020-03-15 16:22