Extra Oil Please

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Video Description: Georgia Jones couldn't believe the overwhelming success of her special massage oil recently ordered overseas. She never believed the hype when they mentioned how potent it is as an aphrodisiac. That is, until she massaged her last customer, and her client practically jumped all over her, begging Georgia to fuck her. She ends her call with her friend calling in her next appointment, grinning at the blonde haired bombshell that walks into her life. Adriana Sephora is shy, bashful, asking Georgia to look away as she undresses. Georgia knows she has to use her special oil on this stunning beauty.

Georgia works her special oil over Adriana's back and legs, making sure her client is comfortable and pleased. Adriana can't help herself but to let go, moaning with every touch, feeling hot and tingling everywhere. She doesn't know what this sensation is, but she likes it, as she becomes more aroused and wants even more. Georgia knows this is the time to step up her game, rubbing her clients ass and inner thighs, so close to Adriana's pussy. Adriana is so sure she wants her pussy to be satisfied that she spreads her legs for Georgia to work her lesbian pussy magic, engaging in a brand new lesbian experience!

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2022-04-10 22:38
Georgia is still as enticing as when she first started.
2021-11-03 19:05
Very Good. Adriana is one of the most beautiful—from head to toes—of the ladies in lesbian porn. She has a pretty/sexy face and a perfect figure that includes large, round, firm, enhanced breasts [which are very difficult to tell that they are enhanced—great work by the surgeon], her nipples are gorgeous, large, erect with large, pink areolas. Adriana has one of the most beautiful, pink, wet, pussies that invites licking, sucking, eating, fingering. Her butt is round and her a-hole is very clean, and inviting, her thighs are meaty and firm and her tan is absolutely gorgeous. She definitely enjoys devouring pussy, just as Georgia does. These two ladies are good together. Although, I’m not sure either one of them get off; unless they did when Georgia was scissoring Adriana. It was a good tribbing effort by Georgia. Thanks, Georgia and Adriana. You turned me on.
2021-05-11 22:59
I love that cute little plane tattoo that Georgia has! Interesting that it seems to be the only one she has. Still! I love it!
2020-05-26 15:40
This is a Winner
2016-04-09 12:36