Flexible Girl

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Video Description: Samantha Rone is welcoming Mia Malkova in the spa where she works, instructing her to undress. Mia is a little nervous with no towel to cover her up. It's clear that Samantha is checking Mia out, and it's making her a little uncomfortable. Samantha suggests they do some stretching and massage. Mia is immediately comforted with the sound of Samantha's expertise. Samantha begins piling up Mia's Beautiful skin, and catching glimpses of Mia's beautiful succulent pussy inches away from her oily fingers. Samantha feels so attracted to Mia, and her perfect skin, that she can hardly resist the temptation to pull Mia's pussy lips open and plunge her tongue and fingers deep inside her. But her urges must wait, she has a plan! When Samantha starts playing with Mia's flexible body, Mia's stretching and Samantha's expert massage puts Mia in a trance, moaning, begging for some more stretching, in her tight wet pussy. Samantha purposefully tests the waters by grazing Mia's pussy with her fingers. Mia, protests mildly, making sure not to put Samantha on the spot. Gradually, Samantha's fingers find their way to Mia's pussy and she can't complain, knowing Samantha's fingers and mouth are more exciting than anything she's had in a massage before now. Eventually, Samantha makes Mia cum, and from then on Mia and Samantha can't get enough of one another, plunging their wet tongues and strong fingers into each other's juicy pussies, screaming from the intense orgasmic ecstasy they're both enjoying simultaneously

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Tone of the best massage sences ever to me, and the flexable Mia just tops it off!! Great storyline ladies!
2020-08-13 15:32
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
I'll never forget this scene. This was my introduction to All Girl Massage and to Samantha Rone. Soooooo much spectacular about these two and this video. Samantha's Hair was awesome. I loved the unique braids. Her true blond hair and small blond bush. She's ABSOLUTELY beautiful and very good at eating pussy. Stamina galore.
I don't think I've ever seen anyone with as gorgeous of an ass as Mia Malkova! Perfection doesn't begin to describe it. As Samantha said a couple times, pure heaven. And that world class flexibility. If she wasn't a gymnast in her youth then something was terribly wrong in this universe. The sex and orgasms where fabulously energetic and verbally erotic!
2020-06-23 06:03
Mia has a hiney hall of fame tushy
2017-05-02 01:18
2016-03-21 19:49
Loved it!
2016-03-21 16:10