Four-Handing The Housewife

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Video Description: A straight housewife, Slim Thick Vic, arrives for her regular massage with Alex Coal but wants to try something different. After Alex goes over a few different options, Vic decides to treat herself with a four-hands massage from two masseuses, specifically requesting women for the massage. Alex is all for it and another masseuse, Serene Siren, soon joins them, leading them into a private room to get started.

As Alex and Serene work together to sensually massage Vic, rubbing their hands all over her naked body, Vic gradually becomes more and more relaxed. As their touches loosen Vic up, she soon admits that her controlling husband gets jealous whenever she's alone with men, which is why she requested women for the massage.

Alex and Serene, who are a happily married lesbian couple, expresses concern for Vic, causing Vic to reflect on her life and what she wants. That's when she ealizes she might have repressed lesbian urges that she's never felt free to explore... Fortunately for her, Alex and Serene offer their amazing guiding hands to help her through a self-enlightening and sexy first-time lesbian encounter!

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Verrrry romantic!
2022-12-14 03:34
That's a great scene. Nice slow build.
2022-09-14 03:22
Alex Coal is absolutely unbelievably sexy. Doesn't matter if she's thicker or thinner, she just pops and sizzles. Put Alex in any scene and it'll automatically be a winner (well, maybe that's a stretch) but Alex is so damn authentic, gogeous and sensual, plus she's drop dead beautiful. I think I have a lesbian crush on her. And her hair is so long and sexy. Total Gorge.
2022-08-20 09:42
Imagine an All Girl message with Alex Coal and Serene Siren as a convincing loving couple treating Slimthick Vic ,what a porn moniker, to a 4-handed message and super sensual threesome. Vic carries the day with ever widening innocent sensual discovery and delight. Alex Coal carries the day with artful "freedom encouragements" while carefully divvying the erotic spoils with Serene. Serene Siren carries the days with ever pleasing loving for both Vic and Alex. James Avalon deserves mucho kudos for getting this sexy balancing act out of his actresses. Indeed, a Top AGM scene.
2022-08-18 20:07
Absolutely wonderful to watch - just wish that you could turn down the fake soundtrack of licking, slurping and sucking….it spoils the moment when coupled with the false moaning. Let them make their own noises.
2022-08-16 14:25