G-String Massage

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Video Description: Liv Aguilera wants a deep tissue massage and Alyssa Branch accommodates her by providing the kind of tight thong bikini bottom that many clients prefer, so they can avoid getting oils on their expensive panties. Liv models them in front of the mirror to make sure she looks good before letting Alyssa know she is ready for her to reenter the room. That kind of private decision is enough to let astute voyeurs know that Ms. Aguilera is already contemplating the possibility of things becoming sexual very soon. When Alyssa Branch sneaks a lubed finger inside the tight cameltoe cloth of those bikini bottoms, Liv Aguilera barely flinches... because everyone in the room knows how desperately she wants it!

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Interesting twist with the G-string instead of the towel. Like both Alyssa and really like Liv, but the scene was average for me. Been watching lesbian scenes for three decades, so I am kind of a traditionalist with respect to the positions. When I say traditionalist, my favorite position is the girl laying on her back while the other eats her pussy and vice versa. Doggy style bores me, 69 is okay, but I am most turned on just watching a naked girl lay back and get eaten out for a long time. This scene had about 30 seconds of Liv laying back, Alyssa licks her a couple of times then switches to doggy. Prefer the scenes of the past where there was considerable time spent having the masseuse eat the receiver's pussy after the girl turned over from being face down. -Tony Castle
2013-11-25 21:51
Lucy J.
Hey Tony, thanks for your comment! I agree, 30 seconds just isn't long enough! I have recorded this comment into my checklist for building future scenes. You can count on me to make sure you get to see more of that position in particular in the future. We'd be really interested to see what ideas you could give us to help tailor the site to members like yourself. If you click on the blue banner right below any video on the site you can send us your own fantasies, and others can vote on them. These fantasies are often formed into scenes. ~Lucy xx AGM
2013-11-26 13:58
michelle & jessica
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
2013-11-25 21:13
loving the g-string instead of a towel
2013-11-25 14:43
G-String was a nice change! I would have spent a little more time on the legs/ass before turning over. Getting closer and closer to the pussy as the client gets turned on more and more. And the oil getting all over the G-String without being too obvious.The G-String shouldn't have any padding, it should become SEE-THROUGH from the oil before she turns over. Then when she turns over the seduction continues. 2 more minutes on the back and 2 more minutes on the front to create seduction would be great.Just 4 minutes extra could make this scene outstanding. And yes, I'm still a stickler, place your clothes someplace...don't just kick them across the floor. If you went for a massage would you do that? And the mirror scene was nice, but should have been full length. Pretty good overall.
2013-11-25 05:19