Gay Panic

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Video Description: An adorable married lesbian couple, Charlotte Sins and Jewelz Blu, is looking forward to their romantic in-home couples massage. As they invite the masseuses, Aaliyah Love and her coworker, into the house, the atmosphere is pleasant... until the coworker realizes that they're servicing lesbians. That's when the coworker drops her professionalism and shows her true colors, which isn't pretty, before storming out of the house.

Aaliyah is SHOCKED about her coworker's atrocious behavior, apologizing profusely to Charlotte and Jewelz. What the coworker said and did was completely out of line! She wants to give the lovely couple a FREE massage to make up for her rudeness and show them that her behavior does NOT reflect their parlor's values.

Although Charlotte and Jewelz admit that the mood is kind of ruined, they can't pass up a free massage. As they both strip down, Aaliyah takes turns massaging them both, making it as sensual and romantic as possible to make it up to them. Gradually, the tension from the unpleasant confrontation earlier melts away and transforms into sexual tension instead! If Aaliyah REALLY wants to make it up to the wives, there's ONE MORE THING she can do...

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Strawmen make very poor porn stars.
2022-09-26 22:31
Summer Rayne
ROFL Lauren was hilarious in her cameo.
2022-04-25 10:58
Jake Allen
more charlotte sins on adulttime
2022-02-17 12:28
Dude Kasper
watching Lauren freak out at the beginning about them being lesbians is really funny when you've seen her go down on so many girls
2022-01-08 20:41
more aaliyah love toe sucking
2021-12-31 06:25