Given Up On Love

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Video Description: Alison Rey enters a massage parlor looking miserable. Whitney Wright, the masseuse, is professional as she greets Alison and tries to cheer her up but it doesn't seem to go well. Nonetheless, Whitney has a job to do and invites Alison into a private room for her massage.

As Whitney starts massaging Alison, trying to work out the unbelievable amount of tension Alison holds in her muscles, the source of Alison's misery is soon revealed. Alison is a marriage counselor who used to really believe in her job but has now given up on love. All around her are miserable couples and her view on relationships has become jaded because of it.

However, Whitney is optimistic, insisting that there's still plenty of love out there. It seems like Alison's clients are mostly straight, monogamous couples, but there are so many other kinds of love! For example, she knows a lesbian couple who have been together for YEARS and are still going strong.

As Alison gradually relaxes even more through Whitney's touch and words, she seems a little more hopeful but laments about how her OWN dating life leaves much to be desired. That's when Whitney flirtatiously offers Alison the chance to mix things up and get a fresh perspective to find love again!

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DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
2 of my all time favorite ladies. Whitney and Alison are the definitions of Class, eloquence, beauty and sensuality. If you look up these definitions in the dictionary you'll find a copy of their picture beside them. Then look up erotic and orgasmic and not surprisingly you'll find them there too! These two are spectacular and then put them together and it's cream of the crop. And as you'd expect with 2 ALL PROs, the sex was hot as hell
2021-10-27 05:26
Awesome girl/girl! Sexy hotties.
2021-10-11 13:51
Another class Whitney scene....and with Alison as well! Alison is looking more gorgeous than ever! One thing I loved about this, was how Whitney tied her hair back, and then offered Alison a hairband as well....this should be done a lot more often, as it keeps the long hair out of the way, and you don;;t get the actresses always having to continually try and tuck their hair behind their ears....I loved the lighting and the film quality of this scene as well. The close ups always had a nice depth of field to them. Top scene! Thanks all!!!!
2021-10-11 11:55
Damo 1973
Good scene from 2 of the best girl girl performers. Alison is one of my favourites more of Alison rey please
2021-10-09 01:10
Whitney Wright has moved to my Top 2 or 3 actresses in porn (though I think she'd do quite well in mainstream also)!
Acting ability (though her orgasms are definitely NOT acting!!), writing, directing, and that face--OMG!!
Her eyes when she cums are so erotic!
When Alison was licking her, I saw creamy cum dripping from her slit, and then more that Alison licked into her mouth!
THAT is how I KNOW she had a real orgasm!
One extra comment--
Can we have a lesbian massage scene that ends with the masseuse and the client saying they want to do this again, but in their own bedroom?
2021-10-05 05:19
Yes, the cum dripping was perfectly visible!
2021-10-05 07:21
DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
Definitely right about her orgasms. I think Whitney, Carter Cruise and Kristen Scott have the most "tells" of a real orgasm. It's undeniably visible when then orgasm.
2021-10-27 05:31