Grade A Rubdown

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Video Description: Bree Daniels shows up at the All Girl Massage parlor right on schedule. She is greeted by her masseuse Rilynn Rae, where she shows Bree where to change. Bree undresses from top to bottom. Rilynn asks Bree where she should focus on the most and Bree advocates a little tension on the shoulders, but needs attention all over. While Rilynn is massaging Bree, she has the funniest feeling she knows Bree from somewhere, but just can't place it. As Bree elaborates about what she does in her life, she mentioned to Rilynn she took a class in massage therapy a few years back. Rilynn realizes this is how she knows Bree. They actually took the same class together! Bree recalls they both had their final exam together where they graded each other's massage technique. Rilynn admits that she was very fond of Bree's looks and couldn't keep her eyes off of her. Will Rilynn win over Bree with her years of massage experience or will Bree have to teach her a thing or two? Only one way to find out right?

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marvelous girlz, fantastic together
2021-12-21 04:07
Hank Moody
Very hot scene. Love Bree's amazing body and big natural tits.
2021-08-31 11:05
I see we continue without new upcoming scenes. Don't you have scenes awaiting? Do you have doubts about what scene is the next? Any other reason? Beyond the possible reasons, I think it's not very difficult to inform the members about the lack of upcoming updates. It's not difficult and it's a sign of attention and regard. For some members it can be useful to know the next future of the site to plan their subscriptions.
2015-05-07 05:35
Rilynn Rae <3
2015-05-05 10:48
Hello, seduction, you in there???????
2015-05-04 21:02