Heads Or Tails

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Video Description: Nia Nacci and Harmony Wonder, two cheerleaders, and friends are exhausted after an intensive cheerleading practice. As they crash at Nia's place, Nia casually throws out there that a shoulder rub sure would feel nice -- maybe Harmony could massage her? While Harmony agrees that a massage WOULD be nice, it'd be even nicer if Nia massaged HER first.

Since they can't agree on who should get massaged first, they decide to flip a coin for the honor. Harmony is delighted when she wins and lays down on the couch so that Nia can get started. As Nia works on Harmony, making sure to get at all those knots, the tension between them builds. Nia starts to get so into it that she gets Harmony to take off her shirt so that she can see more of her sexy friend.

As they take turns working on each other's beautiful bodies, their hands wander over each other's perky breasts. As they squirm with pleasure, their curiosity soon turns into an all-consuming lust. It's clear that Nia and Harmony both need more than a simple massage... Once Harmony begins massaging Nia's pussy, there's no need to flip a coin now since they're BOTH getting exactly what they want!

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I had how Nia had on the fingernails that made her look like a werewolf
2021-09-16 20:42
Why was there someone knocking on the door the whole time?
2021-06-09 09:59
Crazy Man
Nice! All black lesbians with two cutie pies. Bonus: Cheerleaders!!!
2020-09-20 13:51
One of my least favorites from AGM. There wasn't much of a story. The massage and sex was boring. I haven't see enough of Harmony and Nia to know how much I like them. But this episode/scene did not help.
2020-03-22 14:07
why were they not naked
2020-03-19 21:41