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Video Description: Carolina Sweets is looking for a job. When she stumbles upon an add in the paper for a massage therapist gig, she convinces Jenna Sativa that despite her lack of experience, she's her gal. In fact, she's gonna prove it to her the old-fashioned way. She'll come down there and give her the best massage of her life, and if it's not to her liking then she won't have to hire her. Jenna reluctantly agrees and they hang up the phone. Carolina walks in knowing she's gonna get the gig but when Jenna starts taking off her clothes Carolina is a little confused. Jenna is not getting oil on her clothes and neither are the rest of Carolina's potential clients since they're all going to be nude! Carolina ponders this for a moment but willfully agrees. Carolina starts massaging Jenna bragging about how this probably is the best massage she's ever gotten but Jenna doesn't look too pleased. She asks Carolina to start massaging her lower back but when she asks her to move lower, Carolina gets a little uncomfortable. Reminding her that many people carry their stress in that area, Carolina reluctantly agrees to work that area. When Carolina tells her if she goes any lower she'll be massaging her pussy, Jenna agrees and says that's exactly what she wants. When Carolina opts to massage her feet instead, Jenna instructs her to put her toes in her mouth. Carolina doesn't seem to be getting the message. If she wants this job she's gonna have to please her new boss. Jenna takes Carolina's hands and puts them on her tits demanding she massage them. When Jenna leans in for a kiss, Carolina moves away but Jenna is persistent and she's gonna finish her training with the newbie whether she likes it or not!

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When she suddenly kissed her and went for it, that was gold, one of my fav scenes of all time
2019-10-18 04:50
These two are fantastic, but the whole first half of this video is too awkward to watch.
2018-06-22 05:42
I love how she's so cocky and clearly sucks at massages. Their characters make this scene more fun.
2017-12-31 21:22
Love the long tongue strokes ( along the leg and pussy )...hit the butt hole and bingo!
2017-12-26 16:18
Looks good AGM... Jenna's always good
2017-12-14 07:57
2017-12-26 00:04