Here Comes the Bride: Part Two

Video Description: Abigail Mac and Natasha Voya are expecting Vanessa Veracruz to show up any second now, and when Vanessa calls, enchanted by the wedding reception. Abigail spawns a perfect plan to get her future sister-in-law in her lesbian grasp and with Natasha's help, Abigail plays the stressed out bride-to-be role, in dire need of some play.

Abigail rants in a crazed panic, unsure that getting married is the right thing to do at the moment. She affirms that the wedding must be pushed back, unable to cope with all the stress that comes with being a bride. Vanessa pleads with Abigail, willing to do anything she asks just as long as the wedding can go on without breaking her poor brothers heart. Abigail knows she has her future sister-in-law right where she wants her.

Both Natasha and Abigail wheedle Vanessa into massaging the brides lower back and ass. But Abigail demands more, unsatisfied with her efforts she orders Vanessa to massage her big boobs and inner thighs. Vanessa refuses, reaching her breaking point, denying any more of this lesbian activity. But Abigail responds with utter manipulation; either Vanessa satisfies Abigail sexually or the wedding will be called off for good.

Which way will Vanessa go? Lesbian or nay?

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This was the first time I got to witness Abi and Nessa share a scene together. Needless to say, they became my favorite GoG pair of all time after that. They have such a scorching chemistry that it's easy to assume they're a real life couple. This is, along with A Wife's Affair, is their best work together due to the dybamic: Abi is great as the aggressive predator and Vanessa is even greater as the seduced innnocent bombshell.
2018-11-07 10:02
U should watch the Abigail and Vanessa wedding special...they always make combustible scenes...
2019-06-17 22:59
This was very hot !!! I like Abigale talking to Vanessa and Nicole's behind the back comments. So how about they/ meet again after some time so Vanessa can clam it was a one time thing. Then at a party/get together and after some drink another situation arises. Vanessa is encouraged to help and then somehow she is maneuvered into a position where a push on the back of the head gets her started eating someone's pussy and keeps her there. Then maybe passed around by the rest in attendance. All girls of course.
2017-07-11 19:07
How, How mind u can there be negatives for this Trio? Its a FANTASY thing! Oh to have been there as the TOWEL boy at least to watch this boiling hot sexcapade. The Abigail sex talk is fabulous. These camera men, (women would make more sense), must be eunuchs. AAAAA+++++
2017-04-09 21:37
If Vanessa had needed more convincing or coercion, this could have been mind-blowing. I still like it and I do like the portions where Abigail is talking with Vanessa.
2016-03-06 21:02
Stop with the bitchy bitches!!! Nothing more ugly than a girl with an ugly soul. What makes you think mean, cruel, and petty make a woman attractive??
2015-12-29 02:54