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Video Description: Alex Coal is sitting at the dining room table in front of her laptop, wearing earbuds that are connected to the laptop. She types quickly, with purpose. It's clear that she's a very busy woman. Her wife, Jezabel Vessir, walks up behind her and lovingly slips her arms around Alex. Alex gives a half-glance back, pleasantly but distractedly greeting Jezabel. Alex is immersed in her work. Jezabel asks Alex if she's eaten lunch yet, offering to make Alex something. Alex politely declines, insisting that she'll eat later.

Jezabel notices that Alex's posture is bad and offers to give her a shoulder rub. Alex initially declines, since she has a video call starting soon, but eventually agrees.

Jezabel begins to rub Alex's shoulders as Alex continues to work, typing on the laptop. Even though Alex is very tense and initially not into the massage, it doesn't take long for Jezabel's hands to start to relax her. Jezabel continues to rub Alex's shoulders as Alex gets more and more into it, becoming distracted from her typing.

Jezabel then seems to get an idea. She mentions that Alex's legs must get sore from sitting in that chair all day.

Jezabel slips under the table to massage Alex's legs, starting with the lower part of Alex's legs and slowly working her way upwards towards Alex's thighs. Alex seems to like this very much, mentioning that she never even REALIZED how tense her legs were until now.

Noticing how worked up Alex is becoming, Jezabel gets a mischievous look in her eyes, gently pulling apart Alex's legs and slipping her panties off. Jezabel begins to lick Alex's pussy. Alex gasps, completely caught up in the moment.

Even though she likes it, Alex frets that her call is going to start at any second. Jezabel insists that no one will know since she is under the table. The call starts. Jezabel continues eating Alex's pussy as Alex does her best to hide her gasps and moans of pleasure from her unsuspecting colleagues.

But WILL Alex be able to hold it together??

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I absolutely love this scene.
2022-11-11 06:53
Alex and Jezabel are so beautiful together but when will directors and makeup staff get it together about long, sharp fingernails. It just screams "we aren't makig lesbian porn, just G/G porn for horny old men." The chemistry, acting, even camerawork was excellent but for fucks sake y'all - this isn't lesbian porn. It's just faux lesbian shit for the male gaze. Huge disappointment.
2022-06-15 01:32
I agree about Jezabel's talons, she should have taken them off, other than that an excellent scene. Not much massage though.
2022-07-13 16:15
Hank Moody
Great pairing. Jezabel is magnificent.
2022-03-18 10:04
That's what I call a hot office business! Jezabel is hot while licking her own tits and she and Alex have a great chemistry together! It was particulary a good idea to put them as a married couple for the story and it works!
2021-07-07 17:00
Great scene but should not be on all girl massage. Would be nice if AGM would actually go back to massages
2021-07-07 02:43