Knock, Knock!

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Video Description: Haley Spades happily bounds over next door, where new neighbors have moved in. Once she arrives, she's told that the family has a teenage daughter as well and Haley's invited inside to meet her.

Haley soon finds Gizelle Blanco unpacking her new bedroom. She cheerfully greets Gizelle, eager to make friends, though she can see that Gizelle is in a bit of pain. It's just that lugging around all these boxes is exhausting! Wanting to be helpful, Haley offers to give Gizelle a friendly massage. Since Haley's parents are both massage therapists, she's learned a thing or two! Fortunately, it doesn't take much convincing before Gizelle gives in. How can she deny such a nice offer from a new friend?

But as Haley begins massaging Gizelle's shoulders, the sexual tension builds. As they start to get frisky and their hands wander more and more, it soon becomes obvious that they're going to be MORE than just friends!

I thought this was a great scene. Starts of fairly innocent with one girl offering to massage another girl to relieve her soreness and slowly builds in to a seduction. Loved it!!!
2022-02-27 22:00
Haley just isn't into girls, and that comes through very clearly in her scenes. This site is becoming difficult to stay loyal too when they cast so many girls like this. Aren't there any women left that are into women, or can at least fake it?
2022-02-06 13:21
I disagree with you I think the girls were awesome in this scene and the chemistry from the start of the scene it I have to agree with gout at women seducing the girls would be great as well
2022-03-29 12:19
You seriously need to hire an ACTUAL Massage Therapist to consult. As a 17 year veteran therapist, I can say none of that felt as good as Gizelle made it out to be. Seriously, 10 minutes of coaching before the scene and Haley could have actually looked like a pro.
2022-01-26 09:10
Ha, Ha, Ha. I agree. On the ;us side however, the long build-up was good, and the breast 'massage' was lovely. But it would be god to see a short scene with some deeper massage going on - that can be very sexy in itself...
2022-04-15 18:41
Hope the door was closed at some point before the girls got too absorbed in each other. Otherwise if Dad sees what the girls are up to we will potentially have a Caught Fapping episode appearing soon.
2022-01-26 09:08
Sorry but I really didn’t enjoy this scene, “bad directing” and lack of passion
2022-01-20 11:13