Ladies' Day In

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Video Description: Joanna Angel and Romi Rain, two friends and coworkers, are enjoying each other's company on a rare day off together. Ever since they got their promotions, they haven't been able to make time in their busy schedules to just hang out. But today, they're going to catch up while relaxing as much as possible.

Speaking of relaxing... where's that masseur that they hired for an in-home massage?

Joanna excitedly checks her phone, but is dismayed to learn that the service she ordered has been canceled. What are they going to do?

After thinking about it for a few moments, Joanna gets an idea as she playfully offers to give Romi a massage. They're friends, and why should they let this ruin their day? Romi's unable to resist Joanna's charms as she casually agrees, following after her as Joanna leads Romi to the bedroom. Joanna insists that Romi strips down since she wants this to be like a real massage! Once Romi does and lays on her front on the bed, Joanna straddles her and begins the massage, making sure to use plenty of oil.

Romi easily melts into Joanna's firm yet delicate touches, complimenting her soft hands. Joanna gives better massages than any of her boyfriends ever did! Of course, as the massage continues, it becomes more sensual as the two ladies get aroused under the attention. After massaging Romi's hot ass, large breasts, and sweet pussy, they both know that this is leading to a very happy ending.

They have sensual sex, eagerly sliding along each other's glistening bodies. Each flick of the tongue and thrust of the hips bring them both closer to orgasmic bliss. If every ladies' day in is like this, they'll need to clear their schedules more often!

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I PREFER bodies the way GOD meant them to be.
2019-12-08 01:47
Tits and tats everywhere. Definitely hot as hell. Love the theme of helping your bff turns into fwb or better.

Also loved the little learned from “a few online videos”. Fun and hot
2019-08-10 11:53
way, away, way to many body ink,,, I mean come on, that was crap. I know tattoos and porn stars go hand in hand (not sure why) but that was just WAY too much.
2019-06-25 23:59
Whiskey Rocks
To each their own, I LOVE tatted girls. But if I like a scene or not, I won't disrespect the performers.
2019-08-08 19:52
2019-06-08 00:29
Great job ladies. Joanna your making quite a name for your self here first an great PT scene and now another great scene. Just like Romi nails are part of her persona your tattoos are part of yours if people can't except that then screw there small minded thinking.
2019-06-01 18:39