Lazy Morning Massage

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Video Description: As Odette wakes from a long restful night, she realizes that there's a gigantic kink in her back. She takes a moment to stretch and wake up. Lola looks like an angel when she rests. Odette loves to watch her. Odette wants to get a massage but Lola doesn't want to go anywhere, so she offers to give Odette her massage at home. Instantly Lola's expert hands release Odette's tensions. Piece by piece their clothes fly off and soon Lola is soon massaging the supple skin of Odette's rear end. How far will Lola go? How will Odette pay her back?

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good idea with the bedrrom setting and the full daylight! I definetly prefer the all women massages. The girl talk much more than men from whom you usually just hear ohs, ahs ! I am always surprised how well done the acting is, it's real! Another enjoyable Scene!
2014-07-11 18:00
None of the streaming videos are playing on my computer!
2014-06-02 23:33
I think Brianna Jordan needs a scene in allgirlmassage. Please, do it!
2014-03-31 09:11
I loved the chemistry between Lola and Odette, it made the scene very enjoyable to watch! There's just something magical about the two girls in a bedroom setting.
2014-03-31 00:15