Learning From The Best

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Video Description: Kenzie Reeves is struggling while studying for her exam. She's hoping to become a masseuse but she just can't wrap her head around the section about bolsters. What do bolsters even DO, anyway??

While she laments into her laptop, her step-mom, Dee Williams, walks by. She's concerned when she sees Kenzie struggling, asking what's wrong. Kenzie explains what's bothering her while also admiring Dee for how good of a masseuse SHE is. All Kenzie wishes is that she could've somehow inherited Dee's masseuse skills!

Dee insists that Kenzie will become as good a masseuse as she is one day with lots of practice. In fact, she's happy to show Kenzie how to use a bolster herself. Kenzie, desperate to pass her exam and also in dire need of a study break, easily agrees.

Kenzie's soon on a massage table with a bolster under her knees. As Dee guides her through the process, she inexplicably becomes warm, though she tries to keep it to herself. When Dee has her flip over onto her front so that her ass and pussy is up in the air, though, the heat intensifies. Even Dee is caught up in the moment, her hand wandering to Kenzie's pussy and giving it a rub. Although they are both embarrassed, they can't deny the electricity crackling between them, so give into their desires.

Dee takes full advantage of the bolster, fingering and eating out Kenzie since she's so perfectly hoisted up. Of course, Kenzie wants to have a taste of Dee, too... If this lesson doesn't stick, Kenzie will be more than happy to try, try again!

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Kenzie is beautiful. Scene started hot but fizzled
2021-03-22 15:39
this scene kind of dissapointed kenzie and dee are one of my fav porn stars and you would think to expect more nothing really happends before 20 minutes
2020-08-23 07:03
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
GOD I WAS SCARED SEEING THE THUMBNAIL SCREENSHOT OF THIS SCENE! It looked like Kenzie had chopped off her gorgeous long spun golden hair! What a relief watching the whole video! Whew! This was a fabulous scene. "Learning from the best is a great title." When it comes to massage and Dee. Her hands and techniques are real, that's just it! I swear she has taken some real massage courses. The acting by both her and Kenzie is fabulous. Great script. Great direction and camera work Casey. Only critique is the same as others have voiced. Kenzie really needs to get rid of that tat or rid of her(and others) phobia about it and take off that top! If that's really the reason she not taking it off. I wonder if it hasn't just become kind of a calling card for her? Kinda her trademark. Is the tattoo really that bad? Or character killing? Other than that, as I said, fantastic scene. Great massage, great acting. Kenzie still has one of the most gorgeous pussies in the industry. Dee is at the top of her game still and even though she didn't get totally naked, she was still EROTIC as hell.
2020-06-01 23:22
Im so wet argh loved it xxx craving young tight pussy xxx rebecca
2020-05-16 02:20
2020-02-03 05:36