Let's Get You Warmed Up

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Video Description: A masseuse (Sheena Ryder) is wondering why her next massage client is late. When the client (Ailee Anne) finally arrives, she is soaking wet and miserable. Ailee apologizes for being late, explaining that she got caught in the rain. Sheena is immediately sympathetic and concerned, offering additional treatments to the standard massage to help Ailee warm up. Ailee graciously accepts, stripping out of her wet clothes.

After using a towel to dry herself off, Ailee lies down on the massage table. Sheena offers a hot stone treatment to help warm Ailee up, which first requires a warming gel to prepare her. After putting the gel on Ailee's back, Sheena places the hot stones on Ailee's back and legs, helping her to feel warm and relaxed.

Sheena then proceeds with the hot stone treatment, massaging Ailee by rubbing the stones along her lovely body, including using the stones to massage her beautiful ass. Ailee feels even more warm and relaxed, with hints of being aroused. Sheena, receptive to the hints and wanting Ailee to be as comfortable as possible, suggests a happy ending. Ailee agrees, so Sheena makes the massage more sexual by massaging Ailee's pussy, then turning her over to massage her breasts. Eventually, Sheena starts using her tongue on Ailee's pussy, then strips out of her masseuse uniform so they can take things further. This is going to warm up Ailee for sure!

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Can we have just a little bit of penetration of some sort ... how about some finger banging ??
2022-12-03 07:36
Very sexy older/younger massage. Sheena has come into her own as an older seductress of women, bringing her own style and brand of humor along. Some like it, some don't. The combination of massage and oral is very well done, and we can easily believe Ailee experiences deep pleasure, even if she might tone down the vocals ;o) She has possibly the most subtle and beautiful mons veneris around. Thanks to all.
2022-09-22 10:05
Clear Cut
Ailee is such a cutie pie.
2022-07-24 15:20
Love see hot young girls like Ailee Anne getting into pussy eating with sexy older woman like Sheena. very hot
2022-06-17 17:29
Ailee is pretty bu this viedo is boring.
2022-01-28 04:17