Making Her Assistant Watch

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Video Description: Dee Williams is a workaholic, which her personal assistant, Jaye Summers, knows all too well. Even when they're waiting for Dee to get a relaxing massage, Dee can't think about anything else but work! So when Dee's masseuse, Cassidy Klein, finally arrives, Jaye thinks she's going to get a little break, but Jaye's surprised when Dee invites her to go along with her. Since she can't say no to her boss, Jaye follows after Dee as she struts to the private room.

When Dee strips down to her sexy underwear, Jaye is startled but intrigued, though tries to keep her mind on work. As Dee gets massaged, she has no problem talking shop. But, try as she might to stay focused, the louder Dee moans while being massaged, the hotter Jaye becomes. She doesn't WANT to think of her boss like that, but how can she not with Dee all naked, oily, and just so sexy??

Dee finally sees that her assistant seems to be a little... distracted. She mischievously asks if Jaye wants to help Cassidy give the massage, and Jaye is all too happy to agree. It's not long before Jaye strips down and rubs her hands all over Dee's body, following Cassidy's lead to make sure Dee finally gets the relaxation she deserves.

The sensual massage gives way to even more sensual sex as Jaye and Cassidy work together to pleasure Dee. Jaye lets loose all of the tension that she never knew she had either as she lavishes Dee's pussy with her tongue. Of course, things only get hotter as all three women climb all over each other, eager to make the most of their little break!

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The Shocker
This video is so smokin' hot. I would have liked to see the girls lick Dee's pussy and ass at the same time until she lost her mind. I still score this a 10!
2022-03-13 14:45
Jaye is amazing. All three are awesome in this scene.
2021-05-22 08:44
Absolutely amazing scene!
2021-01-11 17:04
Great scene. I wonder if Dee could use a male assistant.
2020-03-22 15:54
Dee is the best. When I become Emperor of the United States, she will have a cabinet position as my Secretary of Lesbian Porn.
2020-02-21 14:56