Massage A La Carte

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Video Description: Maddy May leads her regular massage client, Jessica Ryan, into the studio. She asks Jessica why it's been so long since her last visit- is everything going okay? Jessica sighs and explains that she recently broke up with her girlfriend and decided to focus exclusively on work after that. In fact, all this mental exertion has led to Jessica feeling incredibly stressed and creatively blocked. She knows she needs to do SOMETHING to relax, which is why she's come back to her tried-and-true massage therapist, Maddy.

Jessica gets undressed and lies down face-first on the bed. Maddy looks over her body, asking which part is the tensest. Jessica can't even tell her where to start- it's like she's feeling stuck EVERYWHERE. Maddy smiles and assures Jessica that they'll get to the bottom of it. She pours some lotion onto Jessica's shoulder blades and gets to work. As Maddy runs her hands over Jessica's exquisite curves, she can't help but like what she sees- and feels. Jessica's loving it as well and opens up a bit about her recent breakup. She had no idea it would be this difficult to deal with, though she admits that she's definitely less experienced with lesbian relationships than Maddy is.

Jessica's worried about being with another woman, though Maddy reminds her that she shouldn't lose hope because of one bad experience. Maybe what Jessica needs is a little pick-me-up. As Maddy likes to say, 'sometimes the best way to get over a bad breakup is to get UNDER somebody else.'Jessica likes the sound of that, and a flirty look pops into her eye. Maddy is single, isn't she? Maddy assures her that she is, meeting Jessica's flirtatious glance. Well, one of them is already naked, so maybe they could take this opportunity to truly relax with a little sex? Loving the idea, Maddy and Jessica press their bodies together, beginning an erotic, sensual sexual experience that is sure to release all of Jessica's pent-up tension.

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The scene is really amazing, erotic and beautiful. I think this is the point allgirlmassage makes a difference. I think this is what allgirlmassage would be focused on: erotism, lesbian art, slow and powerful seduction scenes. That's why I got hooked on this channel. It's my favourite. The models are really beautiful and the scene makes them even more beautiful and attractive, this is the point.
2022-08-28 11:23
Maddy May's tats have become intrusive and distracting. See Kristen Scott and Lacy Lennon for more restrained yet also alluring tattoos.
2022-08-20 00:34
Maddy is just too beautiful !!!
2022-08-19 07:31
The dialogue is bone-killing! Please keep it light and to a minimum...and pertaining to the massage.
2022-08-18 23:24
This need a part 2 I wanna see dinner and dessert! So hot
2022-08-18 14:11