Massage Class Secrets Part One: The Conspiracy

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Video Description: Riley Reed is in for a huge surprise today. Her friend, Carter Cruise is training to become a masseuse and asked Riley to come over to be her test subject. As a present, Carter's mom bought her a massage table so they both carry it down and set it up in the living room. Carter asks Riley where on her body she should pay close attention to and Riley says her neck and shoulder area are a little tense. The energy between them intensifies so Carter helps Riley take off her shirt to caress her back with oil. Riley is intrigued by Carter's techniques and asks if Carter could show her how to massage. They discuss future business opportunities, and come up with this great idea to have a massage club at school! With all these great decisions in mind, Carter shows Riley more in-depth techniques in perfecting her massage skills. Stroking Riley's beautiful round butt, Carter has her turn around and slowly makes her way towards her pussy lips. Riley, unaware rubbing so close to her pussy was part of the learning process, asks Carter to change places. Although shy, Riley takes Carter's advice and rubs her breasts and gradually makes her way down to Carter's groin. Carter guides Riley with her hands helping her massage Carter's groin. Riley, still not convinced, tells Carter how she feels uncomfortable with it. Will Carter convince Riley that to be a master masseuse you must learn to touch all parts of the body or will their business ideas only be a pipe dream? Only one way to find out!

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Love Riley , she is my favorite
2015-11-06 20:01
Almost a great video, both girls did everything they could to make an 11 on a scale of one to 10, except one big problem that they really had no control over, who in the world was the amateur doing the camera work, Carter is coming with finger in her ass and no ass shot, in fact no ass shots, just a suggestion, get a new camera person!!!
2015-05-28 18:55
why the fuck didn't you film the girls asses? What is nice is to see the pussy getting massaged from behind, not looking at the girls from the side. fuck!
2015-05-23 20:29
great scene, should stay with this one a bit, would love to see the girls do other friends together, these 2 much hotter then the mom/daughter story line. could always let mom walk in on them sometime. great way to move to a large group scene.
2015-05-14 19:35
Carter Cruise is great and with Reiley Reid.. oh my!
2015-05-13 22:41