Massage Class Secrets Part Three: The Final Test

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Video Description: Carter Cruise and Riley Reed brainstorm on how they can seduce Chloe Amour and Jenna Sativa. Riley talks about Jenna to Carter and they focus on their best strategy to manipulate one girl at a time. What Riley and Carter didn't know was that Chloe and Jenna were fabricating their own plan to seduce the girls. With Chloe being the leader on one side, and Carter on the other, makes for a pretty intense scenario!

Chloe and Jenna show up at Carter's where they all become acquainted. With Chloe and Carter's experience in massaging, Chloe will take on Riley and Carter will massage Jenna. Focusing on their necks and shoulders, the girls begin to ease up and relax where Carter suggests to take out some oil. Chloe loves Riley's top and recommends she removes it so no massage oil would ruin it and Jenna does the same with her dress. By accident, Carter drops some oil on Jenna's pretty bra where she suggests Jenna removes it. Riley not wanting Jenna to be alone naked, takes off her bra too. During the time, Chloe offers that both Riley and Jenna lay down on the table so they can focus on other areas of these half naked beauties.

Chloe begins her manipulation on Riley, showing off her massage skills and advocating it loud enough where Carter could hear. But Carter is onto Chloe, and plays the same game. The girls mimic one another, ordering the girls to remove their clothes. Riley turns around on her stomach looking right at Jenna's beautiful face while Chloe and Carter merge their hands down towards the girls pussies. All girls agree that they were all playing the same game and eager to begin a mind-blowing foursome!

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Four stunning women. A fantastic scene. I didn't really get on with part 1&2 - I felt the AGM format wasted their talents. However, it seems to work really well here. They develop the scene, the massaging is great and the licking, changes and cumming are all fabulous. It looks great - the lighting and colours are all just right - not too bright, not too dark. Just one element to pick out: Jenna is below Riley in 69, eating her pussy, Carter is above Riley tonguing her ass, when Carter reaches down and kisses Jenna, Carter says something to Jenna, they laugh, go back to licking Riley until she comes, and then they kiss again - pure perfection!
2023-01-30 11:10
Yes I liked this one a lot! Could Adult Time please make it easier to watch scenes like this in sequence? If a viewer sees something they really like and it is part of a series it should be no problem to see what the other episodes are and how they fit together. That would give the subscribers something they don't get from the free sites.
2022-12-24 16:47
I'm hoping we get a 2 on 2 massage scene like this on AGM again someday. The shots we get at 10:17, 10:32, 10:46, 10:57, and 12:25 are perfect. Just the sight of hands massaging two butts side-by-side. What makes these shots better is how there's no talking, just the girls enjoying the pleasures of massage. Maybe have an epic scene with 6 girls, 2 on the table, each getting massaged by 2 other girls. This might be too crowded, however to get the good camera shots. Could always have a camera mounted directly above the table looking down, and then a camera at the foot of the table, looking up the legs and into the butts of the girls getting their butts massaged.
2021-09-25 18:37
Why do you make so much porn where nothing happens for the first 20 minutes? What sense does that even make?
2021-02-15 02:20
Great! Carter is the best
2018-05-29 20:34