Massage Class Secrets Part Two: Study Break

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Video Description: With exams coming up quickly, Chloe Amour and her step cousin Jenna Sativa are busy studying, but Chloe is really having a hard time concentrating. Chloe persuades Jenna to take a break; however, Jenna is adamant of the importance behind it. Jenna receives a call from her friend Riley Reed, inviting them tomorrow to their exclusive new massage club. Chloe laughs at the idea and thinks she can be better at massaging. Jenna caves into Chloe's tactics to avoid studying by removing her shirt and allowing Chloe to massage her bare back. Jenna felt a little self-conscious being the only one topless, so Chloe makes her feel better by removing her shirt as well. Chloe brags how good of a masseuse she is and proves it by caressing Jenna sensually. Things heat up where Chloe asks Jenna to take off her thong to massage her ass. Chloe tries to bribe Jenna into taking her test in school again yet Jenna thinks Chloe will have to work a lot harder in order for that to happen. How far will Chloe go in order to avoid taking that test again? And, will Jenna be convinced by Chloe's bad influences? Only one way to find out!

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THIS is 5 years late but I Agree The Seduction Factor Leading Into The Main Sex Content In My Opinion Is Key! It Enhances The Sex Part And Makes It More Enticing When Watching That's Why i subscribe to Girlsway aka Adult Time! You Guys Have Built A Business Around A Niche Market AND I LOVE THE CONTENT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
2020-11-27 12:27
2016-07-29 17:58
Personally I think these two women are the most attractive and talented on your site. I hope that you can bring Jenna back, she is an amazing beauty. As for Chloe, no compliments would be sufficient, but I find her thrilling to experience.
2015-10-31 18:31
Old Banger
hi Lucy, Rob, all,
I can imagine this is almost impossible to get right and satisfy every member.
At the extremes you have those that just want to see full videos of girls having non stop sex for entire scene. For some minority, I suspect, are almost happy to turn off when the seduction has occurred and sex has just begun. Most are somewhere in between.
Generally this is reflected by the thumbs - almost all scenes, regardless of how many thumbs up and glowing praise, also get thumb down for whatever reason...criticism regularly is unknown as often no neg comments appear.
On the whole I think this site is the best around for Fantasy Massage. Go ahead change the ratio of seduction : sex but IMO the responses will always ebb and flow like the tides.
So, what I demand is MORE SEDUCTION PLEASE!!! (this month!)
2015-06-06 19:44
Lucy J.
Hey rob, I agree there could be a lot more seduction in some scenes. That issue with production is being addressed in a few ways sine the last month, so we're taking a look deeper. I can say that for now, the lack of seduction has been tied to a timing issue, wanting to film about 5 min into and the rest be just sex, to literally give you more bang for your buck! Can anyone else chime up with some opinions on this ratio?
2015-06-04 12:18
Old Banger
P.S in the forum where this debate really should occur, there is strong sentiment in AGM section for increased seduction in most recent threads. So I think you should consider over-compensation on this deficiency and go heavy on the seduction side until it is highlighted as overdone whereby some counter correction can occur
2015-06-06 19:07