Meditation Class

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Video Description: A meditation instructor, Chanell Heart, is preparing to do a guided meditation with her students, but little do they know, this meditation session is going to be unlike any they've ever had before!

Feeling mischievous, Chanell moves behind each student, helping them straighten their posture and steady their breathing, although it's just an excuse to feel them up. However, none of the students seem to notice or be bothered as they continue meditating like normal.

Not getting a rise out of any of the other students, Chanell finally focuses her attention on her last student, Sabina Rouge. Unlike the other students, when Chanell gives her special attention, Sabina becomes flustered. Being encouraged, Chanell continues giving the guided meditation while feeling Sabina up, making her hotter and hotter. She then seductively tells Sabina that she's tense and needs a special meditative massage...

Sabina is all for it as Chanell gives her an erotic massage, though she tries to be as quiet as possible to avoid being caught by the other students. Meanwhile, Chanell tries to continue with the guided meditation, but begins to slip up... which eventually leads to the other students finally noticing what's going on. Although one of them bails, the other two are intrigued and decide to stick around for the main event!

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Why not make a foursome out of it??
2022-06-25 07:01
2022-06-12 02:12
Sorry...I don't like this new style of AGM.
2022-05-11 01:00
See this is what I call yoga and total relaxation.
2022-05-05 22:25
I hope I’m not about to be overly critical with some of my feedback here because essentially I’m more of a fan of the sensual than the raw but here goes:

Where was the massage…I get that massage doesn’t necessarily mean breaking out the table and oils but I didn’t spot anything in this that could be classed as massage. I’m generally glad this scene was made but I don’t think it belongs in the All Girls Massage listing. I also couldn’t help noticing that the Channel marker in the bottom right of the video is for Nuru Massage, I’m guessing an oversight but either way this scene doesn’t seem to belong in either.

I sincerely hope ALL of the actors who appeared got paid but from a production cost perspective why have one actor that leaves the scene early on (wasn’t even a comical exit) and two that are basically bystanders, they might as well have been waiting for a bus. Surely Chanell could have been giving them some instruction to enhance their decision to stay and our decision to keep watching…overall this seemed an odd directional move.

Whilst I’m a huge fan of this Channel and lesbian scenes in general in my opinion I think there is, occasionally, an opportunity to step away from the rather typical 5 minutes of poor storytelling and 30 minutes of sex, which let’s face it we’ve seen it all before and there are 500+ other vids to prove it. This scene had some real possibilities that I feel were missed.

Having said all of the above I’d also like to add that I thought the Chanell and Sabina pairing was exceptional, it was such a refreshing change not to have to put up with the more common ear shattering shrieking squealing that appears in so many videos of late.
2022-04-18 01:40