Mom's Magic Massage

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Video Description: To set up the perfect mothers days present, Abella spoke to her good friend Gracie, whose specialty is 'sensual massages'. They speak via text in the hope that Abella's step mom will take the bait and join her next week for this special mother's day present. RayVeness willingly accepts her step daughter's surprise, not knowing what's in store for her. They get to the massage parlor. RayVeness prepares herself for the massage. She undresses and as she waits on the massage table completely nude, Gracie and Abella walk in. Abella sits down in the corner as she watches Gracie touch her stepmom's naked body. The view turns Abella on so she fondles her breasts. Gracie continues to massage RayVeness' backside until Abella joins in, rubbing her stepmoms feet. They both convince RayVeness that in order to have the best experience, she needs to be fully uncovered. They continue to massage her entire body and slowly ease their way into touching her breasts and pussy. Gracie opens up RayVeness' legs and kisses her pussy while Abella takes care of her breasts. Before long, RayVeness is completely vulnerable to anything they do to her. Abella puts her ass over RayVeness' face and she starts eating her out. They take turns pleasuring each other by any means necessary for a trio of simultaneous orgasms! Of course, Gracie says they are welcome back anytime and RayVeness plans on taking her up on that offer as soon as possible!

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This is one of my top five scenes. I revisit it quite often. I have been in love with Rayveness a long time. The first time I saw this video was the first time I saw Abella. I have seen Gracie many times, and she is so hot. Definitely one of the best scenes of all time. Maybe a second part coming soon?
2022-11-23 11:03
Sexy Wheels
It takes a while to get going, but glad i stuck with it.
2022-02-06 06:04
One of the all time hottest scenes --- Rayvenesse has one of the all time greatest set of tits in porn
2022-01-05 23:58
Super video.
2021-10-30 02:56
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
The only complaint with this gorgeous scene was that it took way to long to get Gracie naked! Other than that, perfection! Great sequel! Definitely miss Raynesse. She was an absolute beautiful goddess with a gorgeous pussy and body to match!
2020-06-17 04:43