Moonstruck Massage

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Video Description: Client Violet Monroe comes into the spa complaining of terrible premenstrual pain. Masseuse Reena Sky loves working with women during their moon cycle. The spiritual massage practitioner encourages Violet to undress completely and lie naked on the table facing down citing that pressure on the abdomen will help bring relief. Then she spreads massage oil onto her peaches and cream skin. Violet whines that her whole body feels tense just before her period.

Luckily for Violet, Reena spent many years in sweat lodges learning how to channel Earth's energies for healing. Just last week she charged up her hands with energies from earth minerals, imbuing her with powers to heal and relieve. Reena spouts the benefits of letting go while excitedly massaging Violet's bare ass. Violet is about to question the propriety of the ass massage when Reena announces it's time to turn onto her back. She needs to be able to get to the problem spots.

Reena's hands deliberately skim over Violet's trim bush as she rubs her abdominals. Violet takes it in stride, she even likes it. When Reena stops stroking her vagina to rub Violet's swollen tender breasts instead, Violet redirects her to the pain lower down.

When Reena comments that Violet's womanhood looks sexually aroused, Violet gets defensive and blurts out that she is in a relationship. Reena insists it's normal to experience heightened arousal during this time of the month. Sex is a healthy part of life. And, it's bringing her much needed pain relief. Reena really works on that pussy. Violet can't resist her hand job, it's too good. The redhead returns Reena's kisses.

Once Reena helps her work through her guilt over cheating on her girlfriend, she strips naked and rubs her stellar caramel skinned body against Violet's milky whiteness. As she tribs her pussy, Violet becomes putty in her hands. Reena rides them both to orgasm, then she plants her mouth on her puffy clit. After lapping at her love button, Reena fucks Violet's tongue till she cums in her mouth. They eat each other's pussies simultaneously before Violet tribs Reena till her cramps are all better.

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DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
Great rewatch. This scene with Reena is so energetic and fun. Great exuberance and vocals on her part. The reluctance and persistence was also very good. Great orgasms. My only negative is the facesitting scène. Reena tries to hard to achieve that "perfect porn camera angle" that the sex seems unauthentic.Thankfully though they didn't keep that position long before moving on to the next. So no great harm. Violet was great by staying on character throughout the scene. Loved the bushes.Miss them. Like I said Great scene to rewatch for a little light hearted erotic bit of fun.
2021-08-24 04:09
Violet definitely should have done more with Reena's tits, but this was fun and hot anyway.
2017-06-22 12:29
Loved the full bush (actually would have been better trimmed less, so the hairline coincides with the public area), loved the masseuse sneaking a sniff at the panties. Great seduction/resistance progression. If the masseuse wanted the sniff of the panties, she ought to have sniffed right at the source when the client was face-down toward the beginning of the massage. A well cleaned healthy woman in the premenstrual stage especially with that Bush should have been smelling of all the sexual hormones and she should have taken advantage more. Another case of a good story setup, but ignorance and misuse of that setup. Like hanging a plasma TV on top of a Bruegel.
2017-06-20 01:16
Reena can keep the scene going with her talk! Very nice. Should have more titty in Violet's mouth. More ass play..and lick! Keep bush to a minimum, I know they are trying to work that back in....
2017-06-19 17:12
there can never be enough g/g Scenes with Reena !
2017-06-18 05:49