My Dirty Friend

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Video Description: Lola has some serious issues with her friend's gallivanting around and going to clubs, and leaving her home, to have pillow fights and share secrets with Cassie all on her own. Bree is wild, and has no problem whatsoever in flaunting her and Lola's age difference. Not only that, but Lola's very best friend! Cassie admittedly must find Lola's constant complaining about boys annoying, so when she gets up to take a shower, Lola has nothing to complain about. Just wait until she finds out what happened to her friend in the shower! And all after Cassie helped Lola out when she was dumped by her stupid ex-boyfriend. Bree has the gall to climb into the bath with Cassie and rub her down with soap... and much... much more. Yet, Cassie doesn't seem to mind one stinkin' bit!

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Sorry quan Cassie fingers Bree the scene is good
2021-03-14 07:59
unfortunately like most soporific series and boring scene totally thrifty
2021-03-14 07:55
This is just a gorgeous, sensual, erotic scene with 2 beautiful women who are just enjoying each other. Good close ups and angles. Great scene.
2018-01-31 21:58
Must be the best video in here
2017-12-14 20:36
So does irreversible mean those other scenes are just gone forever?
2017-11-18 11:55