My Ex-Boyfriend's Mom

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Video Description: Marie McCray, a visibly upset teen girl, shows up at her ex-boyfriend's house. However, when Serene Siren, her ex's mom, answers the door and tells her he's not around, Marie quietly says she'll leave. Serene, moved by how upset Marie is, invites her in until the boyfriend returns, since he and Marie were supposed to talk.

While they wait, Serene strikes up a conversation with Marie, learning that her son broke up with HER. Serene reflects that he's a bit of a jerk, isn't he, and they both share a light laugh that seems to draw them a bit closer.

Since Marie is so tense, Serene's happy to offer her a massage while they wait. She runs her own massage parlor from home, and she's been told she has healing hands, so Marie could really use one! As Serene rubs her arms along Marie's arms, Marie thinks about it, then agrees that a massage would be really nice.

Serene leads Marie into her parlor. As Marie strips down, Serene can't help but to steal glances to her perky breasts and cute ass. However, once Marie lays down on the table, Serene's gaze turns lustful again while feeling her up.

Marie wonders if maybe the reason why her boyfriend broke up with her is because she's not pretty enough...? Serene doesn't believe this for a second! She even lets slip that if she were 10 years younger, she'd just eat Marie up! Although she's embarrassed and tries to move on from it, Marie grows more aroused by the massage with each passing second. So much so that she eventually takes Serene's hand and glides it down towards her pussy.

Although Serene's unsure at first, Marie reminds her that she and her son ARE broken up... Hearing that is all it takes for Serene to give into her urges, especially once she learns that Marie's had secret fantasies about HER, too, even while dating her son!

They start with a kiss that leads to more as the fire builds between them. Serene soon gets to taste and finger Marie's tight pussy, relishing the experience. However, it's when she's tribbing her son's ex that she feels the most alive! It doesn't look like he and Marie will be getting back together any time soon.

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Both ladies killed it in this scene. I love seeing Marie licking Serene's pussy from behind. I would love to see these women paired off again someday.
2022-06-24 19:50
There should be a foot fetish tag under this; a lot of great videos I’m missing
2021-05-25 16:01
One again another great sence from Serene she put so much passion into her videos and such a great actress and a smoking hot body! Don't get me wrong it takes 2 to make a good sense Marie was great also but something about Serene and the way she performs and her being a mature woman and not to mention her orgasms!
2020-08-29 02:21
Marie is absolutely gorgeous. She has a very natural beauty about her.
2020-04-11 10:13
Serene is so toned and fit. Absolutely gorgeous body. Mary has a thickness to her physique now which is kinda hot. Much different from her 20's when she was slim and toned. I loved the textured mix of body types here. I'm a lesbian so even when the scenes aren't featuring authentically bi or lesbian performers, I enjoy a well put together and superbly acted scene. This was fun. Loved it when Marie was the seductive minx when I expected Serene to be the seductress.
2020-03-25 14:32