My First Real Wet Orgasm (SQUIRTING)

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Video Description: It's been years that Veronica has been with her husband, and he's never given her an orgasm. Veronica's friend sent over a specialist Vanessa Veracruz. Vanessa is an expert at giving women an intense orgasm, and Veronica has no clue what she's getting into, but I'm sure she'll have her mind blown. Vanessa asks Veronica to trust her. After Vanessa takes off her dress and reveals her huge boobs and her perfect lesbian body for Veronica, she starts feeling more comfortable to let go of her own lingerie. Vanessa starts Veronica's sensual massage, and soon she they are masturbating and enjoying Vanessa's wet tongue licking Veronica's perfect pussy. That's not the end of the show though, cause Veronica finally has the orgasm she's been waiting years for, complete with some super wet squirting orgasms that Vanessa was hoping for. Her job is done, but Vanessa wants one of her own. Veronica knows just how to please a woman. Something her husband surely doesn't understand.

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Yes another disappointment. So little interesting content.
2019-12-17 23:16
How the hell she make her pussy squirt like that?
2015-04-26 13:43
2021-12-29 05:11
I have to agree with Boo_Boo. The editing was not done very well and the music was a little odd. I did like it quite a bit. I love Vanessa and would love to see her back as much as possible. As for the dude that thinks Veronica "Pee'd"..I don't know what to tell you. That is certainly not pee. I guess you have never witnessed a woman
2014-10-14 21:29
WE WANT SQUIRT NO PEE!!! squirt=cum why you can not understand WE DONT WANT PEE WE WANT SQUIRT!!
2014-10-14 13:58
Ok, I'm going to say that, for the most part, I really liked this. I liked that, aside from convincing Veronica to take off her bra and panties, Vanessa didn't have to 'seduce' Veronica at all. I thought Vanessa did get a little 'buzzy' with her vocals a couple of times, but other than that, I thought it worked pretty well. What I didn't care for were all those jump cuts. The first two worked ok, and I understood why they were there, but I didn't think any of the subsequent cuts did anything but interrupt the flow of the scene. And some of the other editing decisions were 'questionable'. I'd rather see more of Vanessa licking Veronica, and less just watching Veronica's reactions.

And on a somewhat different note, some of the background music made me feel like I was wandering around in one of Skyrim's cavern levels.
2014-10-14 12:44