My First Thai Session

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Video Description: Natalia Starr is excited for her massage today. It will be her first time getting a Thai massage and she couldn't be happier. Alexis Fawx greets her, telling her she'll be the one taking care of her today. She tells Natalia to get undressed so they can get started. Natalia turns around and starts taking off her clothes as Alexis watches her. She can't help but notice how smoking hot Natalia is. When she lies down on the table, she tells Alexis that's she's been doing a lot of squats lately and that her glutes are really sore. Alexis tells her that she'll definitely spend some time on then and asks her to just lie down and unwind as she begins. Alexis oils up her hands and rubs them all over Natalia's body. It doesn't take long before her hands are all over her ass and inner thighs. Natalia moans and doesn't seem to mind that Alexis is inches away from her pussy. It actually seems like she likes it. When she asks her to sit up she grabs her arms and starches them out. Euphoric, Natalia tells Alexis that this is the best massage she's ever gotten. Alexis has her lie down on her back and massages her breasts in slow circular motions. It clear to Alexis that Natalia is getting really turned on at this point so it's only natural that she take off her clothes and join her on the massage table. When Natalia opens her eyes to find Alexis pouring oil all over her tits, she ecstatic for the full body experience. When the girls start gliding on each other's bodies it doesn't take long before they start kissing and groping each other. And when Alexis eats Natalia's pussy and makes her cum it's a perfect ending to a perfect day.

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2021-11-28 17:48
You can definitely tell that Alexis takes care of her body, She is one of the very few that have maintained her figure Consistently! Congrats on that!
2021-01-04 16:22
This could be the closest we have seen to a proper massage. Fair play to both Alexis for the workout, and Natalia for having her body nicely moulded.
2020-01-19 11:29
A variety of erotic actions. However the main role for me in this video is the very hot tribbing scenes with a lot of dirty talking. Alexis as always was very hot.
2019-04-17 19:20
Natalia and Alexis have nice voluptuous figures.
2018-12-19 05:27