My Turn To Take Care Of You

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Video Description: Adira Allure is relaxing when her roommate, Kayla Paige, comes home. As they chat, it's revealed that Kayla is a masseuse and that she's had a busy day at work. Because of it, her hands are killing her!

That's when Adira gets an idea, offering to give Kayla a hand massage to help ease her pain. After all, she's so lucky to get free massages all the time from Kayla... so now it's HER turn to take care of Kayla! Of course, although Kayla doesn't yet seem to notice, there are hints that Adira isn't purely doing this for platonic reasons.

As the massage continues, moving from the hands up to Kayla's arms and shoulders, heat slowly builds between them until Adira finally makes a move on Kayla, revealing that she has a crush. Although Kayla is surprised and unsure at first, she soon admits that SHE has a crush on Adira, too. It seems as though both of them were too afraid to ruin their friendship. But now it finally has a chance to blossom into something more as they take care of each other in more ways than one...

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Have am and will always be a fan of Kayla Paige. Such a beautiful woman.
2022-03-03 19:53
I find that I only really like some parts of lesbian stuff as it can get a bit repetitive, but this was the opposite. I watched this from start to finish and these women really made me believe they wanted each other. really good scene and, even though I not usually a massive fan of the fake T brigade, they are some stone cold hotties.
2022-02-14 08:17
This was hotttt af!!! Made me cum So much!!!
2022-01-18 22:31
so goooood!!!
2021-11-15 07:18
How do I become an "admin"?
2021-11-06 16:13