Oil Spill

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Video Description: Bombshell beauty Blair Williams walks in for a last minute massage eyeing masseuse Abby Cross sexually. Abby has Blair lay on the table in her tight bodysuit but as soon as her oil spills all over her outfit and Abby's they simultaneously undress using this as the perfect excuse to fulfill their lesbian desires. Oil drips on their bodies, flowing like water down onto their perky boobs and pussy lips. Abby has Blair lean over to enjoy the fulfilling pleasures of mouth watering nooky. Abby spits inside Blair's mouth, having her taste her pussy juices and sit on her face to have a turn of her own at diabolical lesbian pleasures. Blair eats Abby's pussy zealously as she spreads her lovers legs apart knowing exactly how to please her masseuse. Blair's sexual appetite grows drastically as she lifts her ass up in the air and fingers her asshole while Abby bulldozers her pussy making her orgasm like never before. They lock their legs together and hold one another as their pussies clap with moistness, tribbing with all their might ,peaking in euphoric rapture!

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But this lesbian porn, after tone what has been done this so soft is rustling. Whoever runs this crap is anti-industry and stupid.
2022-07-29 05:44
Wow, no tattoos. Off the chart performance.
2022-04-22 00:46
I LOVED the oil, but there were no friggin close ups only shots filmed from 5 feet away. If there were close ups, they only lasted 5-10 seconds. Whomever filmed and edited this scene ruined the whole thing; what a waste of my time! This is porn, not the Cannes Film Festival! I want to see more labia. Please take the camera OFF the TRIPOD and get some hand-helds for god sake.

Why am I writing this? The scene was filmed in 2016, plus GW wouldn't respond anyway. GW only responds to technical issues.
2021-10-30 01:32
I loved seeing Blair's body all oiled up, it really made her ass and tits pop more. When they were licking and kissing, it was hot as hell but the tribbing really hurt this scene, especiall the fact they did it twice. I can understand tribbing once but instead of 69ing or more facesitting or just more pussy licking or rimming they chose to trib again. Other than that it was a pretty good scene.
2020-10-27 23:25
Dr. Alucard
Rarely do I see a scene where Abby doesn’t get rimmed. She is so sexy.
2018-11-05 21:24