Peeping Jane

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Video Description: Jennifer just got in from a long flight, and feeling less than good, she decides to take a shower to freshen up a bit. Adriana Chechik comes in while Jennifer is showering. The Peeping Jane is excited, to see the naked girl, and even more excited to grip her curves firmly in her seductive hands! Jennifer is surprised to hear that the hotel has sent Adriana to give a complimentary massage but more surprised when Adriana starts to massage her round ass, but it's such a soft touch that Jennifer can't resist relaxing into a deep trance. Adriana moves on to Jennifer's feet, caressing each one gently with her expert hands. Then, just as you've hoped, Adriana slips out of her shirt, and continues to massage Jennifer's perky tits, and eventually she arrives at Jennifer's tasty pussy, and at long last! Jennifer's been hoping the whole time that Adriana would help her achieve a full release. After sucking and fingering Jennifer's soft wet pussy, Jennifer is feeling satisfied just the way she was always hoping!

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I have to agree that this scene goes WAY over the top and, yes, a woman shoving a soda can up her ass is certainly anything but erotic but.......still somewhat fascinating.
Y'know, in a carnival freak show sort of way.
2021-10-22 22:59
I realize you already created the extra scene - just wanted to put my opinion regarding the issue in for feedback's sake.

The theme of this site is message - which imo tends to be a bit more calm and sensual experience. Hardcore things like fisting kinda goes against that theme a bit for me. If you are going to have scenes with more hardcore parts like this, maybe create two versions or do like this case, a directors cut. Directors cut can mean many things so a very clear and cant be missed notation at the top of that scene that the scene has some more hardcore/ more graphic parts /without necessarily giving the details of the specific scene away would be appreciated.

THX for the edit in the original and the directors cut for others sake.

Thanks for the site - really enjoying it again - wish you would do more milking table scenes but maybe demand is not there to justify costs.
2017-03-12 18:26
If politics teaches you anything is that the vocal minority isn't the majority. Also porn can be art (don't laugh) and you should never edit someone's vision

Director's cut please
2014-09-29 07:42
Bring on the directors cut
2014-09-26 21:51
Stills By Alan
i don't often go against the grain here but i feel something needs to be said. starting with the other scene we filmed this day titled "Internal Ass Massage." although some very vocal members made clear their opinion that they did not enjoy anal fisting and would prefer the site not go in an ultra-hardcore direction (which it has not). However in spite of those members objections it was one of the most viewed scenes on the entire site. so... while the members who dislike super hardcore scenes are always welcome to express their opinions, the data suggests that some non vocal members did enjoy the scene. when i upped the ante on the 2nd scene that day and had Adrianna do the energy drink can in the grand finale of this scene (her idea) i made it with those members in mind!

now AGM has one of the most participatory and outspoken member bases of any site out there and we LOVE that. lets take up the ideas of one of those members... Boo_Boo and release a "Director's Cut" of Peeping Jane with Censored parts put back in? that way only the members who want to see it can. what do you guys think? is anyone interested in seeing the full version of this scene? if so sound off on this forum please.

lastly i want to share that i got a phone call from Adrianna Chechik about this scene and how disappointed she was that the grand finale was edited out. It was her idea in the first place and she was very proud of being able to do it on camera and share that aspect of her sexuality with members who wanted to see it.

Adrianna Chechik and I both vote for a" directors cut" of this scene to be released...

what about you guys?

SBA - Director
2014-09-26 18:21
It was partly with Adriana(ok, once and for all, one n, or two?) in mind that I made the suggestion. You know where I stand
2014-09-26 19:34
Ok, I gotta ask...a can in my can?
2014-10-02 19:05
Stills By Alan
the directors cut will reveal all :)
2014-10-02 19:15
You'd already made up your mind, hadn't you? ;)
2014-10-03 15:29