Picture-Perfect Seduction

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Video Description: Candice Dare is excited as she shows her friend, Alison Rey, into her new massage parlor. Alison is there that day to help her with getting assets to promote the parlor. You see, Candice hired a marketer, Casey Calvert, who is coming in to get pictures and videos of Candice massaging Alison so that they can start bringing in customers!

When Casey arrives, she gets down to business, having Candice do a mock massage with Alison. Candice and Alison are willing to do whatever Casey says since she's the one who knows what she's doing. However, it doesn't take long for the mock massage to turn into something a bit too real for them as Casey starts encouraging them into sexier and sexier positions. It seems like Casey's all about catching how sensual a massage is, which naturally builds heat between the two friends... Then Casey suggests giving Alison a happy ending to REALLY drive the point home! Although the friends are a bit nervous, who are they to argue with an expert??

Candice and Alison give it they're all for the camera, although it doesn't take long for them to forget Casey's even there! As they hungrily eat out each other's pussies, Casey is never far away. Candice isn't sure how much of this she can REALLY use to promote her business, but she'll definitely work with Casey again!

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I completely lost it and came when they were scissoring and Alison said, “f***, Candice”
2022-05-22 08:26
Me gusta esta escena. Solamente el detalle es que la tomas estan muy alejadas de la accion. Y estoy deberia terminar en grupo.
2021-03-07 14:32
Brownie 69
This skit just did NOT get it for me! I thought for sure it would become a threesome!
2021-02-03 12:03
Aussie Fan
Great sex ladies, I loved it, awesome connection and wow Casey you're one sexy babe. Thank you Ladies.
2020-12-27 14:02
It would have been better without Casey being a distraction 'taking pictures.' I am not a big Casey fan anyways though....
2020-12-23 02:57
I have no problems with Casey, nor any shots intended her way here, however; that being said, I do want to back you up and offer agreement insomuch as I, too, agree that the scene would have been better without anyone in the background, taking pictures. I've been equal in this preference, across brands and scenes, no matter if it is a girl (even a smoking hot one like Casey) or a guy, if they're in the background, hanging out, looming over the sex, footfalls making noise, they’re generally just a distraction from the action going on. A form of visual noise, if you will. Again, this is no disrespect to Casey, this is simply a difference of opinion regarding whether a photographer’s presence makes the scene better or acts as a distraction. Perhaps once the sex proper started she could have excused herself – gotten the cameo, gotten to perform, fulfill the role of a photographer but then excused herself so as to not become that visual (or auditory in the from of the clicking boot heels, though to her credit she worked on that as the scene went on, stepping more and more softly) distraction.

I suspect you might get much the more agreement, and thumbs up, should that somewhat passive aggressive bit about never being much of a Casey fan anyways should you choose to edit it out (I'd edit this if so). I’m not up in arms or upset about it, rather I think it’s evident that folks are taking umbrage, it’s your choice to be clear, just as a matter of decorum, I suspect that’s where the thumbs down are being garnered from.
2020-12-23 09:10